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[Poland]Aluminum windows and shop windows

Aluminum windows and shop windows production is based on the system of three - chambered integrate shapes. In the window there is additional median seal in the whole perimeter of the window with median gasket so called: central gasket.

Thanks to it, the thermal isolation of the window is much increased and the process of steam condensation in the inter part of the profiles is reduced. Integrate section combines of two parts: outside and inside that are connected in specific way along all the length with the polyamide separators PA 6.6 that are strengthen with fiber glass that compose a thermal separator.

The system of connections made with separators enables the usage of double colors profiles that may be different inside and outside of the elevation.

Glazing is also possible with integrate glass one- or three-chambered of different thickness of the set, with any kind of glass, e.g.: float, reflective, antisol, anti-break. To increase standards of decorative and esthetic effect, especially for the monumental objects, it is also possible to use all the window imitations or to stick them on the glass.

Wide range of shapes, starting from typical rectangular or square with or without old window imitation, with fixed or movable pole, and untypical gaps, trapezium circles and ovals enables to compose our windows into any kind of architectural or modern style buildings, public, industrial and trade buildings.

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