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[Poland]Sponge cake and grease concentrate

This substance allows you to bake and produce pastries using a simplified technique. In only a few minutes, you can bake cupcakes, breads, biscuits and sponge-cake crusts. Using our emulsifying, airing and stabilizing product guarantees a high quality pie, distinguished for its volume and rotundity, delicate structure, good sliceability and freshness.

How to use:

Ingredients - For 1000 g of final product
concentrate - 95 g
wheat flour - 345 g
powdered sugar - 190 g
margarine - 190 g
Eggs - 225 g (4 pc.)
cold water - 75 g
Total - 1120 g
technological loss - 120 g
final product mass - 1000 g

Melt margarine. Blend flour, sugar and concentrate, then add cooled margarine and eggs. Blend all ingredients for about five minutes or until the dough is smooth and of uniform consistency. Place dough in baking dishes prepared beforehand. Place baking dishes in oven and bake at 180 – 190 degrees (centigrade). Total baking time is 45 – 50 minutes.

Packaging – standard 10 kilogram sacks or per customer’s request.

Additional information:

Place of origin:Polska
Price:Ask for price
Packing:10 kg

Category: Food & Beverages -> Food Ingredients


Street:Wroc?awska 53-59
Postal code:62-800
Region:Greater Poland
Phone: +48 62 762 09 13
Fax: +48 62 762 09 13



Contact person

Name and Surname: Tomasz Chlebowski
Mobile: +48 502 751 759