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[India]Construction chemicals- concrete admixture

Product Name - Mr. Expert normal water reducing cement/concrete admixture.

Description -Mr. Expert Water-reducing admixture is a product that is added to concrete to achieve certain workability (slump) at a lower water cement ratio than that of control concrete). Water-reducing admixtures are used to improve the quality of concrete and to obtain specified strength at lower cement content. It also improve the properties of concrete containing marginal- or low-quality aggregates and help in placing concrete under difficult conditions
Mr. Expert cement admixture is unique lingo sulphonate base cement admixture.

Uses - For any civil work and plastering .For ready mix concrete.

Salient Properties
Excellent plasticizing agent
High early and final strength providing strong R.C.C. bond making and corrosion resistant
Very low sulphate and chloride contents.
Water reducing 7 -10%
Excellent water proofing properties.
No retardant at normal dosage
.Concrete becomes cohesive and dose not have undesirable bleeding.segregation or loss of strength.

Additional information:

Model/Article number:normal admixture
Place of origin:India
Brand:Mr. Expert
Price:2 USD
Price Terms:FOB,Mumbai
Packing:5 ltr to 200 ltrs
Delivery time:7 days
Minimum order:4000

Category: Chemicals & Plastics -> Chemical products -> Construction chemistry

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