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[Poland]Lemon flavour candy-floss

The history of candy-floss goes back to the 16th century, when, in Italy, it was a delicacy only for those at the very top of society.
This was because there was no known equipment to manufacture candy-floss at that time. All that changed in 1897 when William Morrison and John Wharton invented the candy-floss machine. Finally, candy-floss began to reach a greater number of people. In years to come, more and more machines were manufactured, and candy-floss became the dainty of choice at church fairs, picnics and parties.
We decided to take this sweet a step further and, in 2003, introduced candy-floss in 500 ml cups. Now you can enjoy candy-floss always and everywhere, not only on special occasions. Have it in the summer, in the winter, outside, at school, at home, on birthdays or while watching TV.
Our packaging has a meticulous graphic design and can be easily identified among other products.
We do not use preservatives in the manufacturing process, so our candy-floss is just as natural as that you purchase at fairs. With the modern equipment and the best materials, we can offer a remarkably long best before date of 365 days.
Our product is enjoyed both in Poland and throughout Europe.
Our candy-floss is a delicious and light dessert for kids, youths and adults.
There is something for everyone: you can choose from seven flavours including natural, lemon, apple, smurf (cream), orange, strawberry and the brand new cola flavour.
We want to reach all candy-floss aficionados, so our production is constantly increasing.



Enjoy the refreshing lemon taste!
Ingredients: sugar, lemon flavouring agent, E102 colouring agent, acidity regulator – citric acid, no preservatives.

Additional information:

Place of origin:POLSKA Wo?omin
Brand:w?asna KONPOL
Price:0,65 PLN
Price Terms:ZAWSZE DO NEGOCJACJI /cena zale?na od illo?ci i wielko?ci zamówienia/
Packing:12 i 20 sztuk mix 7 smaków
Delivery time:5 days
Minimum order:560 sztuk

Category: Food & Beverages -> Food & related products -> Sweets


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