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[Poland]Multilayer films - cheese

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I. Multilayer barrier films and pouches for vacuum and MAP packaging.
We offer a wide variety of multilayer films based on Polyamide, Polyethylene, Surlyn ® and Polyester manufactured by P&E Verpackungen GmbH, member of Klöckner Pentaplast group.
The product range covers semi-rigid and flexible co-extruded films as well as laminated and sandwich printed constructions up to 10 colours.
Multilayer combination of the film results in product with excellent barrier and thermoforming properties whilst minimizing volume of required raw materials. The film construction is adapted to individual requirements of our customers.
Our films can be processed on almost all automatic packaging machines for thermoforming, flowpack and transwrap systems as well as machines for bags sealing.
Our multilayer films can be used for packaging of following products:

meat, poultry,
ready meals,
medical products,
The films are delivered in all requested reel widths adapted to the needs of all packaging machines. Our film processing plant in Rebkow by Garwolin has slitting and rewinding facilities enabling us quick and flexible reaction on changing market requirements. It gives guarantee that your orders would be processed immediately and in the highest quality.
We manufacture all kinds of vacuum pouches in every requested size. We offer PA/PE transparent, printed and metallized bags.
Our technical service is at your disposal for problem solving.
Wherever the packaging is needed we would provide you with the optimum solution.

All packaging materials offered by Pakmar are certified by Polish Health Authorities and conform to EC and FDA requirements.

II. Short shelf life packaging films
Omni films for meat, sausages and poultry on trays packaging
Vitafilm films for catering packaging
Thermoshrinking BIAX films for bakery industry

III. Mulitilayers based on AL film
Those laminates are delivered to us in jumbo rolls of 1400mm width and cut by us to the demanded width.

IV. Others films for packaging and technical applications
Wrapping stretch films
“Breathing” film for fruits, vegetables and flowers, Air-Film
PCV and PE thermoshrinking films
Blister and skin films
Windows films for packagings and envelopes
Selfadhesive surface protecting films
Standard packaging materials

V. Packaging devices
Film sealing devices
Vacuum packaging equipment
Hot tables for packaging
Tunnel devices for thermoshrinking film
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