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[Poland]Conductivity / salinity meters

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• Laboratory meters in benchtop housing, powered by 12V power adapter.

• Measure conductivity, salinity, temperature, the CPC additionally measure pH and ORP (mV).

• The CC- 502 and CPC-502 have built in thermal printer (60 mm).

• Thanks a wide conductivity measuring range they may be used for both ultra pure water and thick salines measurements.

• Calibration by introducing the constant K in wide range 0.01 ÷ 19.999 cm-1 or in sample solutions.

• Storing of 3 constant K of cells which cover the whole measuring range.

• Wide range of a coefficient (0 ÷ 10% / °C).

• Counting the salinity according to real characteristics for NaCl and KCl, what greatly increases the accuracy.

• Possibility of counting the TDS by introducing the right coefficient from 0.2 to 1.0.

• Possibility of changing the reference temperature in the conductivity measurement,

• Characteristics of the pH function in CPC models like in CP-501 pH meter.

• Automatic or manual temperature compensation.

• Clock with date.

• Internal datalogger enables storing 200 measurements taken as series or single with temperature, time and date.

• Optionally 450 or 950 results.

• RS-232 output for a PC and Centronics for standard printer.

• 24 months of warranty for the meter.
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Model/Article number:CC-501 i CC-502
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