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Spółdzielnia Niewidomych PROMET

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[Poland]Control switch – Joystick

CONTROL SWITCHES MJ Joysticks (return) are produced in 3 versions: MJ2 - 2-directions 2x(1NC+1NO) MJ4 - 4-directions 4x(1NC+1NO) MJ8 - 8-directions, omnidirectional 4x(1NC+1NO) Design modular, actuator and switch part separated. Deflection of stick approx. 12º. Mounting position: any. Switching element: with double-breaking spring contacts, self-clearing, contact AgNi 2 μm gold-plated, connection 2,8 x 0,5 mm solder any plug-in terminals combined. TECHNICAL DATA Operation temperature:[...]

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[Poland]Cam switches S...J

CAM SWITCHES series S 10, 16, 25, 32, 63, 100, 160 J are a new generation of switches in current line from 10 to 160A. - small and unification switch sizes - switching angle: 30º, 45º, 60º and 90º (preferential angle 60º - maximum 6 switching positions; angle 30º - maximum 12 switching positions) - extended selection of electrical execution by catalogue - maximum number of the switching chambers is 12 (24 contacts) - all terminals and interconnections are protected against contact (IP20) -[...]

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[Poland]Control boxes KS

APPROPRIATION Control boxes type KS are designed to control telphers, machine tools, machines, remotely controlled devices and other electric circuits with switching voltage up to 400V, 50 ... 60Hz (AC) and 220V DC. CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION Control boxes consist of one of more (up to 6) typical control elements. Depending on need, control boxes may be equipped with following types of push buttons: - single-stage push buttons for one control speed, - two-stage push buttons for two control[...]

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[Poland]Control push buttons NEF22

Control drives of the NEK22M series with black plastic bodies are intended for installation in standardised Ø22.5mm holes, in numerous types of control and signal equipment, or directly into bodies of machines and equipment. They are intended to work with the EF22X and EF22Y switching elements manufactured by SN Promet. NEF22 drives are comprised of the following elements: - A driver, also referred to as the button drive; - An intermediate element, also referred to as the intermediate body. Backlit[...]

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[Poland]Smoke vent button PD

The II PD type manual smoke vent button is intended for the controlling of smoke dampers, providing a simultaneous local 1- or 3-LED light signalling, depending on design. In the case of a 1-LED signalling, activating the button makes the LED flash red, while pressing the button on a 3-LED signalling system makes the LEDs emit continuous light and indicate the following: detection (green), failure (yellow), and activation (red). The button is equipped with passive electronic components. The[...]

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[Poland]Cam switches TS series

The TS series cam switches is a brand new family of cam switches that operate under the maximum switching current of 10A. The switches feature a compact size, state-of-the-art look (in the form of a circular disc), and an ergonomic knob. Considering the method of assembly, these switches have been designed for installation on a control panel. The use of a modular structure and a single cam installed in the chamber designed for two pairs of contacts made it possible to develop a switch that controls[...]

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NEF30-MC digital meters constitute a development of the NEF30 series that has so far included control buttons, lamps and signal indicators. All NEF30-MC indicators feature the same characteristics: the possibility of installing in a standardised Ø 30.5mm hole, and a wide range of supply voltage – 24÷230V AC/DC. Their design has been coordinated with other devices of the NEF30 series. They have been adapted to be used together with NEF30 devices, as panel-mounted meters for industrial applications.[...]

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[Poland]Buzzer NEF30-BUZZ

SN PROMET extends NEF30 series with buzzers fitted into mounting holes Ø30 mm. Design of buzzers is similar to the signal lamps NEF30-LD and allow for easy adaptation to the other accessories made by SN PROMET mounted in control panels while maintaining a uniform appearance of the desktop. Buzzers NEF30 can be mounted in desktops and switch cabinets or directly in the bodies of machinery and equipment. Buzzers are produced in two versions: NEF30-BUZZ - with continuous sound NEF30-BIP -[...]

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