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[Poland]Control boxes KS

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Control boxes type KS are designed to control telphers, machine tools, machines, remotely controlled devices and other electric circuits with switching voltage up to 400V, 50 ... 60Hz (AC) and 220V DC.


Control boxes consist of one of more (up to 6) typical control elements.
Depending on need, control boxes may be equipped with following types of push buttons:
- single-stage push buttons for one control speed,
- two-stage push buttons for two control speeds with one push button,
- single-stage push buttons for direct control of motors simultaneously with two miniature switches,
- emergency stop, locked push buttons,
- push buttons with turned drives and with locks.

Casing of control box is made of insulating yellow plastic with high dielectric and mechanical strength.


Rated insulation voltage Ui: 400V 50 ... 60Hz
Rated switched voltage Ue: 400V 50 ... 60Hz
Rated voltage - surge voltage Uimp: 2,5 kV
Signalling voltage:
- bulb: 12, 24 V AC/DC
- light-emitting diode: 24 V AC/DC, 110, 220 V AC
Type of signalling element cap: BA9s
Rated thermal current Ith: 10 A
Rated switching current Ie:
AC4 Ue=400V 2,5A
AC15 Ue=400V 1A
DC13 Ue=220V 0,16A
Rated frequency of switchings: 600 sw/h
Ambient temperature: -20ºC ... +70ºC
Protection degree: IP54
Cross sections of connecting wires:
thin line: 1 or 2 x 0,5 ... 0,75
wire: 1 or 2 x 0,5 ... 1 mm^2
Diameter of connecting cable: 10 ... 30 mm

On bottom cover there may be assembled 1 miniature switch type LM-1 or set of 2 miniature switches type LM-1 equipped with lock (and key), witch prevents it from control the control box by improper person.

Control boxes may be delivered in the following climatic versions:
- for temperate climate
- for tropical and sea climate
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