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[Poland]Emergency stop, locked palm push buttons NEF30-DR

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Control push-buttons type NEF30 with metal housings are designed to be built into Ø30,5mm holes in consoles, control desks or directly in machines and equipment. There are produced two climatic versions: N/2 (for temperate climate) and W/3 (for tropical and sea climate).
Each push button type NEF30 consists of the following units:
- a driving unit, called the button drive
- one, two or three contact blocks fastened to the drive.

Fastening of push-buttons type NEF30 is made by means of clamp nuts. The housing of push-button is put into the hole in the console, then follows the sealing ring and fancy, nickeled back nut and finally the clamp nut screwed from the bottom.

Thete are three versions:
NEF30-DR/Pc - palm locked push button, turn to release
NEF30-DRc - palm locked push button, pull to release
NEF30-UDRc - palm locked sealed push button, pull to release

Colour of button: red
Weight: 0,152 kg


Protection degree of button drives:
IP56 - for version NEF30-DR/Pc and NEF30-DRc
IP66 - for sealed version NEF30-UDRc
Cross sections of connecting wires:
1x or 2x LY 0,75 - 1,5 mm^2
1x or 2x DY 1 - 1,5 mm^2
Mechanical life: 10^5
Rated frequency of connections: 12 con/h
Rated insulation voltage Ui: 500V
Rated permament current Ith: 10A
Rated voltage - voltage surge: 2500V
Limited current: 1000A
Rated switched currents in user's categories Ie:
AC 15 - Ue 230V/400V 6A/4A
DC 13 - Ue 110V/220V 1A/0,25A
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Place of origin:Polska
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Quality/Certifications:CE, B


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