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Gold Drop sp. z o.o.

[Poland]Agent for protecting, impregnating and wet-proofing of the tile joints

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Application: the agent for protecting, impregnating and wet-proofing of ceramic porous surfaces, stone surfaces and tile joints.

Properties: the agent protects surfaces against dirt and water absorption. Applied to the surface it forms a protective and waterproof coating. As a result no dirt can deeply penetrate into the surface, remaining on the treated surface and being easily removable. The agent provides the surface with a delicate gloss and a fresh look. It also acts as a colour fixing agent.

Directions for use: the agent is ready-to-use. It should not be dissolved in water. Apply evenly with a brush to the clean and dry surface. Do not leave any damp patches. After applying leave it for 30 minutes to dry. In case of more absorptive surfaces apply the second coat after 30 minutes.

NOTE! Tile joints can be treated only when they are totally dry, i.e. approx. 14

Capacity: 1 L
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Additional information:

Place of origin:Poland
Brand:Gold Drop
Price:Ask for price
Packing:1 L
Quality/Certifications:ISO 9001 i ISO 14001


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