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[Poland]Baker’s mixture (egg-based)

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This mixture is to be used mainly in the baking of yeast-based pies (rolls, doughnuts, pancakes etc.), brittle biscuits, puff pastries, brittle crusts (suitable for cheesecakes and apple pies), waffles, tea biscuits and chilled pies.
This product is a natural egg substitute.
The mixture allows you to quickly, efficiently and easily bake high quality pies, distinguished for their softness, delicacy and a great flavour.

How to use:

During production, the mixture is to be used just as natural eggs would be used: 1 part of the mixture for 3 parts of lukewarm water (for example, 1 kilogram of mixture for 3 litres of water). The final product will be an egg-based substance for further use in baking. One kilogram of Baker’s Mixture is equivalent to about 100 natural eggs.

Packaging – standard 25 kilogram sacks or per customer’s request.
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Additional information:

Place of origin:Polska
Price:Ask for price
Packing:25 kg


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