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Kaeser Kompressoren Sp. z o.o.


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Technical specification

Series N
Initial pressure up to 13 bar - final pressure up to 45 bar
Delivery: 0.28 - 18.1 m³/min

Go for gold
Boosters that achieve 40 bar maximum pressure are not uncommon but can only be considered as second-best. The boosters offered by KAESER, on the other hand, that are the product of decades of piston compressor experience and that can guarantee continuous delivery at 45 bar are in the gold medal class.

Kaeser compressor unit
The high-pressure blocks with two or three cylinders, wholly manufactured in-house by KAESER, feature relatively low rotational speeds that contributes to extended operational life and consistent efficiency.

High quality cylinder
KAESER industrial boosters are equipped with super-precision cylinders, finished by a special process that ensures minimum oil consumption and negligible wear for great durability.

Low temperatures
Three cylinder models are equipped with a fan-assisted aftercooler to ensure lowest possible compressed air outlet temperatures. A water-cooled aftercooler version is available to achieve even lower “Delta T” results.
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Kaeser Kompressoren Sp. z o.o.

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Name and Surname: Robert Ryt
Phone: +48 22 322 86 65
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