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[Poland]Membrane Dryer

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Series KMM
Inlet flow volume 0.018 bis 4.633 m³/min

Patented Efficiency
With a US patent and a European patent pending, the new KMM Membrane Dryer is turning heads for several reasons. The ‘Inflow Concept’ ensures outstanding drying results through highly effective moisture removal, enhanced pressure stability and reduced differential pressure. The design also provides protection from any contamination that may enter the dryer, as it is trapped before it can reach the sensitive membrane fibres.

Efficient “Helix” Structure
The membrane fibres are wound in a “helix” structure that increases the fibre surface area in contact with the compressed air. This results in even air distribution and increased efficiency in a reliable, compact drying unit.

Powerful "Inflow" Concept
The “Inflow” concept of outside-to-inside permeation increases the fibre surface area in contact with the compressed air to provide more drying capacity in a compact package.

Enhanced Efficiency with a Precision Purge Air Nozzle
Precision purge air delivery via a specifically dimensioned nozzle significantly reduces operating costs, as only the required volume of compressed air for purge use is diverted.

Purge Air Stop Valve (Option)
The modified purge air outlet in the dryer housing can accept an electronically controlled pneumatic valve and silenced solenoid valve that can be closed to stop the escape of purge air when the consumer being fed by the dryer is shutdown.
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