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Gerda Sp. z o.o.

[Poland]Disk padlock with a prolonged shackle

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Gerda fortified brass padlocks are the most popular protection used for gate, wickets, gratings, cupboards(cabinets) closing. We offer 3 kind of fortified padlocks: mandrel, shackle and with a prolonged shackle. Such a rich offer allows you to match padlocks to almost any structure closing.. By using the highest quality materials, Gerda padlocks are exceptionally reliable protection in its product’s class.

Gerda fortified padlocks have a bail or mandrel made of quenched steel. Casing of a padlock is made of solid brass covered with satin coating together with quenched mandrel increase the resistance of a padlock to attempts of wrenching, breaking or cutting. Not without meaning is the elegant, small size of fortified padlocks which gives them the esthetic look. .

The aplication of the highest quality materials increase the padlock resistance to atmospheric conditions (in case of external application).
In the set special keys to disk padlocks of especially precisly made computer incisions.


* Full Dimensional series of types
* Standardly 3 keys in a set
* Cylinder with disk mechanism, resistant to dust and soil
* Guenched collar protecting the cylinder

Fortified padlocks with a prolonged shackle

Dimensions in mm

S-40 H-60

S-50 H-70
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Place of origin:Poland
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