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Shanghai Jiasong Machine Co., Ltd

[China] Factory direct sale ESV40A Emergency Cut-off Valve

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Use:the emergency cut-off valve is installed on the inlet of the pipeline for the submersible pump type fuel dispenser. In case of accidents, for instance, the dispenser collapsing or a fire, the valve can rapidly cut off the oil flow automatically.

Installation: install the oil pipeline with oil-proof pipes which will not turn hardened, The screw seal adopts thread sealant. The tightness should not be excessive. Don’t screw on the slot, or else the valve will be twisted off. Fix the hexagonal screw on the top of the valve with a spanner and screw the joint with another spanner . The slot must be on a level with the top of the base or within 10mm above or below. Otherwise, the slots on the inlet and outlet are possible to be broken off caused by the heavy strike.

Change of the top slot: Shut off the power supply for the oil pump and oil drainage system. Manually close the valve, take off the hexagonal screw, pull out the valve top, take down the gasket, spread butter on, mount a new valve top and tighten the hexagonal screw.Change those parts with even slight damages. Load the pipes in the oil distributor again and check whether there is any oil leakage.

Valve maintenance: Open and close the valve manually several times and restore to the former position again to confirm whether the valve can operate normally. Such operation must be conducted annually to check whether there are any damage to the valve and whether repair is necessary or not.
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