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TABAL Jan Kidaj, Mieczysław Daniel Sp.j.

[Poland]Aluminium construction profiles KANYA

PVS System The system of profile joining KANYA presents compeletely new possibilities of solving construction problems in machine building, transport systems and lift systems, machine bodies, work tables roboczych, aboratory systems, cupboards, division walls and exhibition stands. Simple assembly and a wide range of profiles and accessories offer the designer a free hand. The wide range of profiles allows for building of delicate[...]


[Poland]System of RVS pipe clamps

The RVS construction system consists of aluminium, regulated clamps for joining aluminium pipes of diameters 12-20-30-40-50 mm. Pipes can be joined perpendicularly or parallelly, fixed or movable with the possibility of shifting and regulating. All clamps can be joined together or mounted to other KANYA profiles. You can build laboratory racks, devices for photo-optics, light guides, and machine attachments from the RVS system. The system broadens[...]


[Poland]Aluminium systems / FOGA System

FOGA System (see profiles) is a complete collection of components allowing for easy structure construction only restricted by the imagination of the designers. You can make furniture, division walls and display cabinets from profiles in the FOGA system. A number of innovative solutions were used in the system: metal, screw corner connectors constituting a very stiff and accurate joint of two three profiles at an angle of 90^(or 90-135-90), a system of hinge profiles 21 or a MINI system and profiles from group A.[...]