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We have bulit such yachts as:

Vilya - 15,5m, two yachts Antarktik - 15m, designed by Mr Juliusz Strawiński L12 - 12m designed by Mr Ryszard Langer.

two mats yacht Bruceo designed Bruce Roberts. Motorboat Euro1200 - 12m also desingned by Mr Bruce Roberts. We are going towide the offer of our company by next motorboats: Euro1000- 10m, Euro1400 -14m.

Yachts are bulit according to our documentation or the documentation receiueo from the client.

We make the full range of work connected with building and securing the yacht. Due to the cooperation with the best professional we ofer the worlds high standard of the equipment..
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Model/Article number:Euro 12
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Name and Surname: Andrzej Parzysz
Phone: +48 62 742 0068
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