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Focusun International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

[China] Smoke Alarm

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Smoke Alarm specifications:

◎Power source: 9VDC battery

◎Operating current: 10mA (normal) and 20-50 mA (alarm working)

◎Operating temperature: 40℉~100℉ (4. 4℃~37.8℃)

◎Ambient humidity: 10%~90%

◎Sensitivity to smoke: in comply with UL217

◎Horn level: 85 decibels at 10 feet

◎Battery life: 1 year Min


◎Ceiling or wall mounting

◎Suitable for any rooms

◎Flash alarm indicator (red)

◎Test button for easy recommended monthly testing

◎Low battery signal

◎Photoelectric chamber for early detection from all directions
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Focusun International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Street:Room 26B04, No. 360 Hengtong Road
Postal code:200070
Phone: +86 021 51089946
Fax: +86 021

Contact person

Name and Surname: Luna Lee
Phone: +86 021 51089946
Mobile: +86 02128681612
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