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Wiak Sp. z o.o.

[Poland]Hydraulic line tubes, seamless, cold drawn, acc. DIN 2391/C, St37.4

Hydraulic line tubes, seamless, cold drawn, acc. DIN 2391/C, St37.4 and St 52.4, eddy current tested, outside galvanised, yellow or blue (Cr VI free)[...]



Hydraulic seals offered by WIAK company are known most of all for their quality and favorable relation between quality and price. In our offer you may find all seals used in hydraulic cylinders: piston seals, head seals, piston scraper rings, guide rings and stopper rings. The majority of our seals is delivered in the normal course from our warehouse in Warka. We have over 9.000 forms for making seals available in different material mixtures. All seals are made on the basis of the newest manufacturing[...]


[Poland]O-RINGS, O-ring

Marking O-rings that we provide are marked according to a system which gives the inner diameter, cross-section diameter, material code and hardness. Material As a standard we offer o-rings made of NBR 70Sh nitrile rubber. However in our offer you may find hardness types ranging from 30Sh to 90Sh and materials, such as NBR, FPM, EPDM, SIL, delivered also in required color on request. We are able to offer our customers ca. 250 different material mixtures. Certificates Since customers[...]