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PPHU Almont-plast M.Koziołek J.Cichy


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Roofing construction:

- Construction profiles- aluminum,
- Filling -polycarbonate cells of 10 mm thickness with UV filter (one- and two- chambers),
- Slide ways- made from aluminum, or from stainless steel where the number of the tracks is adequate to the number of the
- Roller bearings with rolls, enable easy moving of the whole sections over the sideways,
- Sliding or half open doors that may be installed in the front or side wall,
- Easy disassembly front walls,
- Stainless steel lockers and hinges,
- Protection against snatching from the ground by the strong winds.
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PPHU Almont-plast M.Koziołek J.Cichy

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Name and Surname: Mirosław Koziołek
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