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Shenzhen Xinlong Plastic Products Manufactory

[China]Electric Mandoline Slicer

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Manual slicers are often time and energy consuming, dangerous and unstable, and difficult to use on rigid, tough foods. Unlike manual slicers, the Electric Mandoline Slicer works electrically to save time, and is also designed to be safe and efficient while preparing food. No human contact is made with the blades during operation, resulting in safe-slicing of foodstuffs. It has a powerful motor and sharp blades to cut even rigid and tough foods with ease.

Our Electric Mandoline Slicer includes all necessary blades to grate cheese, shave ice, create thin & thick cuts, cut julienne strips, and even make French fry cuts. Moreover, the removable storage container provides a convenient way to store unused food in the refrigerator. All but the motor housing is dishwasher safe, which makes the Electric Mandoline Slicer an ideal appliance for every chef at home.

Perfect the art of prep with the Neoflam electric mandoline slicer. Its sharp blades slice and grate a variety of foodstuffs quickly. From chopping veggies for salsa to shaving ice for cool drinks, it helps you make the most of any meal!

Key Benefits

- Completely safe because no human contact is made with blades during slicing
 Automatic process saves time
- Powerful motor and sharp blades cut even rigid, tough foods with ease.

Product Configuration

- Main unit: Cover with food chute, Plate frame
- Motor housing (Color can be customized)
- Food pushers: Large (80mm in diameter), Medium (60mm), Small (40mm)
- Removable storage container drawer
- Slicer blade & inserts: Thick/Thin Slicing, Thick/Thin Julienne, Grater, Ice shaver,and French fry.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:XL-806
Place of origin:China
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