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North Sun (LangFang) Plastic Tarpaulin Co., Ltd

[China]Inflatabe fabric

G-03 polyester: 1100*1100dtex 8*9/ weight:630g+/-20g/sq.m G-02 polyester: 550*550dtex 9*9/ weight:550+/-20g/sq.m width: from 2.5m to 3.5m Color: pantone card & ral color card or at customer's option[...]


[China]coated banner

C-01 frontlit polyester: 550*550dtex 9*9/ weight: 450grm film or lacquered C-02 frontlit polyester: 1100*1100dtex 8*8/ weight: 550grm film or lacquered C-02 backlit polyester: 550*550dtex 13*11/ weight: 550grm lacquered C-03 frontlit polyester: 1100*1100dtex 8*8/ weight: 650grm film or lacquered Width: from 2.5m to 3.5m[...]


[China]Blockout Canvas

Item:E-03 polyester:1100*1100dtex 9*9/ weight: 750g/-20g/sq.m color: white ACR lacquered on both side width:2.5m 3.2m 3.5m[...]


[China]PVC coated trapaulin

A-01 polyester:550*550dtex 8*8/ weight:450g+/-20g/sq.m A-0101 polyester:550*550dtex 13*11/ weight:300g+/-20g/sq.m A-02 polyester:924*924dtex 8*8/ weight:550g+/-20g/sq.m A-03 polyester:110*110dtex 8*8/8*9/ weight:650g+/-20g/sq.m[...]