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[China]Floor Brush

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We produce various vacuum cleaner parts in China, the factories are located in Suzhou, and we have been engaged in this field for over 1 decade.

Diameter: 32mm
Suitable for: Electrolux, Fam, Holland Electro, Nilfisk, Numatic, Bosch, Miele, Panasonic, Siemens

We currently operate 2 factories, one is specializing in vacuum cleaner bags, like paper dust bags for Electrolux, Nilfisk, Kirby, Numatics and so on, we make also micro-lined high efficiency dust bag, like 3M Filtrete or Eviro-care or Homecare. We have also universal dust bags, which is washable and reusable, and also SMS cloth dust bags for Middle East and Latin America market. We can make at least 10 Million paper dust bags and half a million micro-lined dust bags monthly.

Another factory is specializing in vacuum cleaner plastic parts and telescopic tubes, pipes production, like different floor tools, COM-bi floor heads, small brush, crevice tools, brush, and also brush bristle and so on. We also have several chrome telescopic tubes/pipes, and also we have Aluminum pipes and inlets.

Another useful product is Ash Vacuum, it's also been called as ash cleaner or fireplace ash vacuum, we have ash cleaners which can remove cold dry ash, and a type can remove hot ash, and one type can remove water along with dust. This tool is very useful and convenient when it's used to maintain your fireplace or kitchen corner and also your garage.

We cooperate with some other factories which produce vacuum cleaner motors and hose kits and also HEPA filters, like Thomas, Hoover and also Electrolux and Miele, Kenmore, Vax, Bissell and so on.

We currently have managed to sell our products to many different countries, and we also offer OEM service to many famous brands, like Electrolux, Proteam, Eureka, Sebo, Taurus and so on.

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Additional information:

Model/Article number:FB001
Place of origin:China
Price:1-1.5 USD
Delivery time:20 days
Minimum order:2000
Quality/Certifications:iso 9001


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