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Apexway Products Corp.

[Taiwan]ATV Tire

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APEXWAY is able to supply full range Tire for All-Terrain vehicle used.

- Application: ATVs, ATCs, Quads, UTVs, Beach Buggys.
- Function: Utility, On Road, Mud / Sand, Sport / Racing.

- ATV Tire Size:
1.) 145/70-6, 15x6-6
2.) 16x6.5-7, 18x7-7
3.) 18x7-8, 18x8-8, 18x9-8, 18x9.5-8, 18x10-8, 18x10.5-8, 18x11-8, 19x7-8, 19x8-8, 19x9.5-8, 20x7-8, 20x8-8, 20x9.5-8, 20x10-8, 20x10.5-8, 20x11-8, 20x12-8, 21x7-8, 21x10-8, 21x11-8, 21x12-8, 22x10-8, 22x11-8, 22x12-8, 22x12.5-8
4.) 19x9.5-9, 20x9.5-9, 20x10-9, 20x11-9, 20x12-9, 21x8-9, 21x11-9, 21x12-9, 22x10-9, 22x11-9, 22x12-9, 22x12.5-9, 24x11-9, 25x12-9, 25x12.5-9
5.) 18x10-10, 18.5x6-10, 19x6-10, 19x6.5-10, 20x7-10, 20x10-10, 20x11-10, 20x12-10, 21x7-10, 21x11-10, 21x12-10, 22x7-10, 22x8-10, 22x9-10, 22x10-10, 22x11-10, 22x12-10, 22x12.5-10, 23x7-10, 23x8-10, 24x11-10, 25x10-10, 25x11-10, 25x12-10, 25x12.5-10, 26x12-10
6.) 23x8-11, 23.5x8-11, 24x8-11, 24x9-11, 24x10-11, 25x8-11, 25x9-11, 25x10-11, 25x12.5-11
7.) 21x8-12, 23x8-12, 23x10-12, 24x8-12, 24x10-12, 24x11-12, 25x8-12, 25x9-12, 25x10-12, 25x11-12, 25x12.5-12, 26x8-12, 26x9-12, 26x10-12, 27x9-12, 27x10-12, 27x12-12, 28x10-12, 28x12-12, 29.5x10-12
8.) 26x9-14, 26x11-14, 27x9-14, 27x11-14

- ATV Radial Tire Size:
1.) 18x7R7, 19x8R7
2.) 19x7R8, 20x7R8, 18x10R8
3.) 18x10.5R9, 20x10R9, 20x11R9, 21x11R9
4.) 20x6R10, 20x7R10, 21x7R10, 22x8R10, 23x7R10
5.) 23x8R12, 23x10R12, 25x8R12, 25x10R12, 26x8R12, 26x10R12, 26x11R12, 26x12R12, 27x10R12, 27x12R12
6.) 26x8R14, 26x9R14, 26x10R14, 26x11R14, 26x12R14

Wheel assy for OEM available.
If you feel more interested, welcome to contact us.
APEXWAY is your best choice.
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Additional information:

Place of origin:Taiwan
Price:Ask for price
Minimum order:152


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Apexway Products Corp.

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