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[Poland]Papermatch film production modifier

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Concentrate POLMAST HDPE FP-01 has been developed specially for manufacture of HDPE paper-like films. It may be used for film extrusion by blowing and pouring methods.
The concentrate is based on a specially selected composition of mineral fillers and auxiliary agents on HDPE carrier.

Examples of application:
* film for packing cheese, yeast, lard,
* manufacture of sandwich paper,
* manufacture of jackets for school notebooks and textbooks.

Application benefits:
* Good water resistance
* Good mechanical resistance
* Matt film surface
* Utility properties similar to those of paper with much larger resistance
* Easy folding (shape memory)

Contact with food:
POLMAST HDPE FP-01 may be used for manufacture of products meant for contact with food.

POLMAST HDPE FP-01 is supplied in standardized 20kg bags on pallets, wrapped in stretch foil.
As requested by the Customer, the weight of a package may change.

Suggested storage period: 3 months.
Product should be stored in a cold, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
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