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[Poland]Call registration system - VoIP

This is a system of voice registration in a packet transmission network. It enables registration of telephone calls using TCP/IP protocols for transmission. The system also makes it possible to follow calls in real time. UNICALL VoiceRegister has been created by means of the Delphi programming environment and the ANSI C language, thanks to which it is fast and reliable. It makes it possible to register several dozen channels at the same time using a medium class PC. Registered calls are stored[...]

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[Poland]CTI class IT system (Computer-Telephone Integration)

UNICALL CTI is a CTI class IT system. CTI technology (Computer-Telephone Integration) defines mechanisms of co-operation between computer systems and telephone exchange infrastructures. UNICALL CTI makes it possible to control a telephone exchange (PABX) through the implementation of a standard CSTA protocol. CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications) defined by ECMA determines communication procedures between CTI class applications and the infrastructure of the PABX system. UNICALL CTI[...]

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[Poland]System designed to analyse the profitability of projects

WebTimesheet is a system designed to analyse the profitability of a company's projects and to record and supervise its employees' labour time. Main advantages of WebTimesheet: o possibility of measuring the work efficiency of all employees included in the system; o project profitability control; o management of labour time of employees taking part in a project; o remote, unlimited access to the system; o project management support; [...]

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[Poland]Application - designed to support the process of insurance sales

WebAgent - the Internet application - is designed to actively support the process of insurance sales. It is an ERP/CRM class application targeted at: o insurance agencies; o brokers; o multi-agents; o agents. The process of insurance sales is realised through: o gathering all the employees' knowledge, regardless of their individual contact bases, in a central repository containing information about individual and institutional customers (addresses,[...]

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