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Country: India

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[India]Construction chemicals- concrete admixture

Product Name - Mr. Expert normal water reducing cement/concrete admixture. Description -Mr. Expert Water-reducing admixture is a product that is added to concrete to achieve certain workability (slump) at a lower water cement ratio than that of control concrete). Water-reducing admixtures are used to improve the quality of concrete and to obtain specified strength at lower cement content. It also improve the properties of concrete containing marginal- or low-quality aggregates[...]


[India]Super Plasticizers- construction chemicals

- Mr. Expert HRP 108 is based on sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde.Mr. Expert HRP 108 offers much higher performance than the normal plasticizers. Mr. Expert HRP 108 is used to give very high levels of workability or water reduction from 25% to over 30%. It is used extensively on large projects where reinforcing steel requires high workability.Also used in precast and on site where large water reduction provides very high early strength and improved durability. Benefits - • Offers[...]