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[South Korea]Car Black Box

Save relevant data respectively before and after situation while driving in the event of accident (Recording Video Image and Audio) Record general image while driving Available to record Event situation using G-sensor loaded ☞ Event Recording : Inerasable image and audio inside SD memory card Available to record any particular image and event by pushing Emergency button Available to record ordinary recording using vehicle’s battery when in case of parking or stopping[...]


[South Korea]military clothing

Military uniforms of BDU set, in olive green and camouflaged, with the flight jackets, overalls, Parka, and military accessories to be supplied acc. to the required specifications. you will check to for all the listed items and pls contact us by rturn With best regds,[...]


[South Korea]Fingerprint digital door lock

Features .Ultra-safe with unique fingerprint and easy access by one-touch User does not need to remember password and worry about key or card lost and copied. .Automatic lock When door is closed, it is automatically locked. .Double security by double-lock button Once it is set a double security inside, it does not operate with password or fingerprint. .Emergency alert when damaged to the door lock It makes strong alarm sound, when non-registrant forces to open the door outside. .Panic[...]


[South Korea]Reflective sheeting

Reflective Sheet is roll-type high reflective and long durable with a multiple layer composite structure. It is widely applicable to road safety or personnel safety. 1) description A high-tech reflective product with the prismatic cube corner structure featuring polymer cubes in a basic unit, it generates retro-reflection which makes light shone at a prism return to the light source. Retro-reflective performance varies depending on the precision of a prism and the angles of a cube. As one[...]


[South Korea]Reflective fabric

1. Description The reflective fabric reflects light in the night time. It is commonly made that the glass bead sewed equally on the T/C(polyester 65%+cotton35%) or Nylon. It is sewed on the clothes and underlay, and applcable extensively to reflective clothes, of the Safety goods, Sportswear and Fashionable fabrics like dress, cap, gloves, backpack, etc 2. Specification - Character : Commercial gradeGlass bead , high retroreflection, - Performance : 530cd/lux.m2 - Size : 40“ x 50m/[...]


[South Korea]Reflective heat transfer film

1) Description Reflective heat transfer film is applicable to garments using by thermo and pressure. It is an open lens type reflective film, consisting of high-micro glass beads of top layer , reflective layer and adhesive layer. 2) Specification Character : Glass bead , high retroreflection, Performance : 530cd/lux.m2 Size : 40“ x 50m/ roll Color : Silver. Black Laminating available 3) Application Safety garment, Labels, Bag, Cap, Gloves, Shoes, etc[...]


[South Korea]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : DA-3000M

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : DA-3000M 1. Special Features - Simple and Simple design (34 x 103 x25mm) - 3 digit display with backlit LCD - FDA approved hygienic disposable mouthpiece - Indication of the number of times the unit has been utilized - Low battery and low breath flow alerts - Automatic Power-off 2. Specifications - Indication of B.A.C. : 0.00 to 0.40 %BAC/0.00 ~ 2.00mg/l - Accuracy : +/- 0.01%BAC at 0.1%BAC at 25'C - Warm up time : within 20 seconds - Response[...]


[South Korea]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-CA-2000

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-CA-2000 Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-CA-2000 (Korean Origin) 1. Specifications : 1)Sensor :Highly selective oxide-semiconductor sensor 2)Size :120 x 60 x 25 mm 3)Weight :200 grams 4)Housing :Shock resistant, molded plastic 5)Response time :3 sec. 6)Warm up time :20 sec. 7)Recovery time(sensor purge):30 sec. 8)Battery life :Over 300 tests 9)Battery :9V alkaline 10)External power supply :12V DC adapter 11)Accuracy :+- 0.01% at 0.10% BAC [...]


[South Korea]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-DA-5000

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-DA-5000 1. Specifications : a)Method of Measure : Breath sample to %BAC, g/liter or mg/liter b)Range : 0.00% ~ 0.40% 3)Accuracy : +-0.01%BAC at 0.1%BAC 4)Warm up : 18~25 seconds 5)Response time : Less than 5 seconds 6)Recycle time : 10 seconds 7)Sensor : Oxide semiconductor 8)Power : Two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries(included) 9)Display : 3-digit LED 10)Size(mm) : 59 x 116 x 27(mm) 11)Weight : 105g 12)Testing Capacity : Approx. 200~300 with fresh[...]


[South Korea]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : CA-2010

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : CA-2010 1. Specifications : *Sensor :Highly selective semi-conductor oxide alcohol sensor *Size :123 x 56 x 23 mm *Weight :111 grams (with battery & mouthpiece) *Response time :3 ~5 sec. *Warm up time :20 sec. *Battery :9V alkaline *External power supply :12V DC adapter *Accuracy :+- 0.10mg/ml(Promile) at 1.00mg/ml (Promile) *Calibration :BAC simulator *Display :Dual color LCD backlight *Working temp. :+10'C ~ +40'C *Storage temp. :0'C ~ +50'C *Certificate[...]