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Country: China

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[China]Security alarm dial system--90 zones, study code function

90 defense zones study codes security alarm dial system: 1.Siren / mute siren and continue dial your pre-set 6 groups of Tel No. at first time when an accident(theft,gas leakage, smoke accumulation danger ect) happen. 2.In prior to call your preset tel, even another call already coming or someone using the telephone . 3.Faraway control by telephone under password protection to operate the system such as arm, disarm, activate siren, shut siren, hear what happen ect. 4.Can work with gas leakage[...]


[China]Nap alarm RE-168

1. To ensure driving safety and to avoid traffic accidents caused by sleepiness. When the forehead rocks or the nod shakes, the nap alarm can utter the sound 2. The nap zapper is not only designed for drivers, it is also perfect for people who need to be full alert while on duty such as security guards, machine Operators, who need to work on their posture 3. It can protect the students from being nearsighted 4. Used for long-distance driving, drunk driving, driving at night Operation: [...]


[China]dash/deck lights

Model LTDE25 Overall size 240*240*60mm Working Power 6W Weight 0.95Kg Working Voltage DC12V Color Red, bule,amber,white,green Working current 0.6A Qty. 1Pcs this series strobe lights adopt the newest extra bright LEDs. They are of long life, extra brightness and low power consumption, colored light sources with special optical lenses for excellent warning and signaling effect.[...]


[China]Portable Mobie Signal Jammer DZ-101M

Product Description Today we would like to introdce our Signal Jammer DZ-101M. Specification: 1. TX-Frequency: Type A: (A)TX-Frequency: CDMA 870-880MHz (B)TX-Frequency: GSM 935-960MHz (C)TX-Frequency: DCS&PHS 1805-1920MHz Type B: (A)TX-Frequency: CDMA&GSM 870-960MHz (B)TX-Frequency: DCS&PHS 1805-1920MHz (C)TX-Frequency: 3G 2110-2170MHz 2. Total output power: 900mW 3. Antenna: 3pcs Omnidirectional antennas 4. Power Supply: AC adapter (AC220V-DC5V) 5. Built-in[...]


[China]Mobile Signal Jammer (DZ-101B)

Thanks for your attention! ! Today we would like to introduce our Signal Jammer DZ-101B. *Specification: 1. TX-Frequency: (A)TX-Frequency:CDMA 870-880MHz (B)TX-Frequency:GSM 935-960MHz (C)TX-Frequency:DCS 1805-1850MHz (D)Tx-Frequency:3G 2110-2170MHz or PCS 1930MHz 2.Control:Wireless remote control(turn on/off and adjust output power) 3.Total Output Power: 10w 4.Jamming Radius: 2-50 meters depends on -75dBm 5.Power supply: AC110V or AC220V 6.Antenna:4pcs Omni-directional[...]


[China]Hydrogen sensors

Model:HY - HS01 Use: Hydrogen leak and concentration sensor detection Features: Small size, easy to use, high sensitivity, wide range of induction concentration of hydrogen. Simple and rapid reduction,auto-alarm device,flashlight function,can adapt to relative humidity of 100% of the external environment, stable performance, non-polluting Technical parameters: Lowest concentration monitoring: > 2 % Operating temperature: 5- 90ÂșC Detection range: Radius 100 mm - infinite Life:> 10000[...]


[China]Metal detector

Power : 9V(6F22) Operate Frequency : 22KHz Operate Current : 50mA Operate Voltage : 7V-9V Indicator Visual: Red / Green LED; Sound: Speaker &Vibrator Control : On/Off Switch; Low sensitivity Switch Sensitivity Adjuster High Sensitivity: 15mm at Pin; 45mm at USD 25 Cent Low Sensitivity : Detector only respond to bigger metal [...]


[China]Two-way car alarm (with engine start,air-conditioner start)

(Two-way Car Alarm System with Remote Engine Start and Selectable Crank Time)Model:HT-800D+ With ASK technology Wide monitoring range: Transmission: 500 meters Feedback: 1,000 meters Two-way communication, color LCD panel Small-sized remote control with power-saving design LCD screen with illumination Alarm with sound, vibration and icon flash by remote control Ultrasonic or microwave sensor (optional) Power window output Dual-stage shock sensing reduces false alarm Remote[...]


[China]Wireless parking sensor

Automatically engages as soon as you brake your car or place your car into reverse. - Show distance by rainbow LED lamp/LED display,Bi Bi voice warning. - Embedded detector sensors (which requires installation into your rear bumper). - High-tech processing,Omnidirectional detector sensor,Beautiful linetype figure. - Easy installation. - No need to run a wire from the front of the vehicle to the rear. Just connect the sensors and control box at the back of[...]


[China]One way car alarm ( hot ! ! ! )

Model: HT-400C (Code Learning Car Alarm System with Shock Sensor Bypass Function) Remote arming/disarming Silent arming Closing door reminder Automatic door lock/unlock Panic/car finder Emergency override LED status indicator Power interrupted memory Trigger memory and report Anti-hijack Door open alert (programmable) Shock sensor bypass Power/vacuum type door lock (programmable) Remote trunk release Door trigger (positive/negative trigger) Code learning[...]