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[India]Industrial RO Plant

Our range of Industrial RO Plants are widely used to filter heavy amount of water. These plants are mostly used in big industries & companies. These Industrial RO Plants are available at industrial leading price.[...]


[India]Liquid Coating Plant

Liquid Painting Plants a) Liquid Painting Booths i.] Manual Booth In water curtain booth there is water wall on rear side of operator. The overspryed paint is carried alognwith water wall towards venturi opening of booth where the paint get continuously mixed with waters. The chemicals added in water breaks the paint into its harmless constituents like pigment, resins and solvents. The solvents are let out in atmosphere through exhaust blower. In Manual booth using metallic filters - there[...]


[India]Electrodeposition Plants

INTECH offers an Electrodeposition Plant with Overhead Transporters / Conveyors INTECH HAS INSTALLED ONE ELECTRODEPOSITION PLANT AT M/S ACUMEC AUTO INDIA PVT. LTD., GURGAON. System Range : · Anodic and Cathodic Electrocoat Painting · Electrophoretic Paint Plant · Wet Painting with water - based paints · Environmental equipment · Effluent treatment Process Technology An Electrodeposition plant comprises : · Pretreatment · Electrodeposition · Rinsing · Stoving After[...]


[India]Powder coating Plant

Powder Coating Plants (Batch / Conveyorised) a) Powder Coating Booths The salient features of our Booth 1. Multicyclone system for powder recovery of 98.5% 2. Round Bottom booth which avoids accumulation of powder at booth bottom & ease of cleaning The booths can be manual / automatic type The multicyclone design patented by Intech can give a recovery of 98.5%. The cartridge type recovery as claimed can be up to 100%. Once cartridge filters are choked then efficiency reduces[...]


[India]Autophoretic Plant

Autodeposition is a waterborne process which depends on chemical reactions to achieve depositions. This process has been in commercial use since 1975. Since then, autodeposiiton has grown and matured. Since its inception, this unique process has been employed to coat over one billion square feet of surface. Presently, there are numerous installations in operation, coating a variety of fabricated steel parts forts for the automotive and general industry markets. INTECH HAS INSTALLED TRANSPORTERISED[...]


[India]BOP Accumulator Units

NOV Sara's BOP Accumulator Units meet or exceed the design specification as specified in API 16D. Each control system is specifically engineered to assure reliable control of the BOP stack with adequate reserve for continuous operation under emergency conditions. NOV sara welcomes the opportunity to assist you in the proper selection of standard equipment or custom design to meet your application and certification requirements.[...]


[India]Tablet Metal Detector

We are the manufacturers and exporters of Metal Detectors for on line inspection of Tablets and Capsules from Mumbai,INDIA. Our Metal Detector are able to detect both Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals passing anywhere through the Aperture.The Tablet Detector can be fitted at the outlet of Tablet compression machine to provide complete unattended inspection of product passing through the Metal Detector.It can handle a flow rate of 10,000 TABLETS /Min. Our Metal Detectors are used for HACCP[...]


[India]Spring Coiling Machine

This universal automatic spring Coiling Machine is for the fully automatic production of left or right hand coiled springs of the compression or tension type, with closed end coils, cylindrical tapered or double tapered and other shaped spring. The wire is inserted to the feed rolls through the straightening unit. Pressure on the wire is adjusted by manual screwing of individual feed rolls. Integrated change Gear box is provided to vary the speed of feed rolls to vary wire length and to vary the[...]


[India]Wire & Strip Forming Machine

this machine is for the fully automatic production of the products which include any type of wire forms or strip forms. the machine is provided with a heavy structure, press and provision for 6 slides which are operated by individual cam settings that enables to produce any type of wire or strip forms. the wire is inserted to the feed rolls through the straightening unit. pressure on the wire/strip is adjusted by manual screwing of individual feed rolls. wire length of one wire/strip fed can be set[...]


[India]Staple pin making machine

This automatic machine is for the fully automatic production for any staple pin. The wire is inserted to the straightening unit through the feed roll pressure on the wire. Pressure is adjusted by manual screwing of individual feed rolls. Wire length of one staple pin can be set by manual screwing segment type located in the back side of this machine. The gum arrangement is also provided to automatically spread gum on the staple pin thoroughly. A sufficient length of the staple pin track is provided[...]