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[China]Eye pad

With 100% cotton outer layer enclosing a high absorbent cotton filler. * Provides protection to the eye when required * Usually provided in sterile packaging. Size:5x7.5cm,6x8cm,[...]


[China]5 in 1 facial massager

Item No.: FF6201 5 in 1 facial massager 2AA batteries operated (not included) Material: ABS Size: 16x5.5x4.5cm Box size: 19x13.6x5.7cm Packing: 48pcs/ctn blister tray + individual gift box Dimension: 48x43x39.5cm N.W./G.W.: 11/13kgs MOQ: 10Kpcs Delivery time: 30 days for MOQ.[...]


[China]Head massager

FF6213 Head massager Size: 25x10cm Individual round package: 27x6cm Material: Alloy + stainless steel Packing: individual PP transparent cylinder, 100pcs/ctn Dimension: 63x33x57cm G.W./N.W.: 10/12kgs Delivery time: 30 days MOQ: 10kpcs[...]


[China]Manicure and pedicure set

Item No.:FF8041 Manicure and pedicure set Rechargeable Size of gift box: 31x20.5x16cm Packing: individual gift box, 6pcs/ctn Dimension: 63.5x32.5x34cm N.W/G.W.: 15/16kgs Colour: Any solid color MOQ: 2000pcs Delivery time: 30 days Feature: 1.Hand unit, for accu and direct drive 2.Bubble bath for preparing hands with 4 nozzles 3.To let the water sparkle 4.Nail dryer (fan) 5.Right and left rotation, 2 speeds each direction 6.Control light, no overcharging possible 7.Convenient[...]


[India]Morning Walker

To maintain a healthy body, lead a happy life and to live long are the hopes of modern people with a high living standard. But people in todays age are often found in bad health owing to reasons such as: Sumptuous food, over eating and lack of exercise. Air pollution, water contamination, agricultural pesticides and increasing noise pollution. Common use of artificial air-conditioning and heating which weakens the skin function. Increased use of food additives and medicine. Old age, diseases/[...]



Feels Like Haven When at the end of the day you are dead tired, just using this product for 10-15 minutes will take you on a Dream ride. General Features : 1. An entirely new massager specifically designed to massage your feet, ankles and calves all at the same time. 2. 4 parts of kneading discs in one appliance to massage your feet, ankles and calves. 3. Flexible kneading discs create a professional massage experience. 4. .Strong kneading action penetrates deeply into the muscles of[...]


[China]Transparent semi-permeable film dressing

Transparent semi-permeable film dressing is made of polyurethane film which is breathable, ultra-thin, high elastic, transparent and impervious to liquid and bacteria. It is designed to cover and secure IV catheters or other insertion devices, such as central venous catheters, pulmonary artery tubes, demulcent pump tubes and insulin-pump tubes.[...]


[China]high quality adult diaper/disposal adult diaper/adult diaper

high quality adult diaper,disposal adult diaper,comfortable adult diaper,diapers for adults,ultra thin adult diaper,adult daily diapers S M L adult diaper with waistband, cloth-like back film, S: 60*80cm 90g 7g SAP 10pcs/bag 12bags/ctn M: 65*80cm 100g 8g SAP 10pcs/bag, 6bags/ctn L: 75*95cm 110g 9g SAP 8pcs/bag, 6bags/ctn, XL 80*95cm, 120g, 10SAP, (weight and SAP weight, packing size is optional by clients) We proviod optional as following: First[...]


[China]sanitary napkins/ sanitary pad/sanitary towel/feminie sanitary napkins

sanitary napkins/ sanitary pad/sanitary towel/sanitary towels/sanitary pads disposal bin/sanitary pads/ultra thin sanitary pads We are professional supplier & exporter for Personal Care Products in China, normally with OEM. We provide a wide rang of products such as, sanitary napkin, panty liner, baby diaper, nappy pad, pocket tissue, facial tissue, and adult diaper and so on. Structure of sanitary napkin: A) Cover: Non woven cloth, perforated film or anti-bacterial cloth B) Cotton[...]


[China]Tourmaline Self-Heating Health Care Body Protector

Tourmaline Self-Heating Healthcare Lumbar Support Principle of Action and Function: 1)Release Far-infrared wave with wavelength of 4-14 um,to relieve tension ,activate collaterals and improve the microcirculation of human body. 2)Release negative ions to Purify blood,to activate Cells and to Promote balancing of Body PH 3)Release of micro-current of 0.06 mA, to balance the body bioelectrical. 4)Block inqjury from electromagnetic waves, water pulse of radiation injury effectively. 5)Contains[...]