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[China]Magnetic Toys

Product Item:F1 SMALL MAGNETISM CAR Product Size: REMARKS Quantity on Hand:20sets/ctn Piece set: COMPONENT:38 long and short bars +4 wheel +13 bars with screw +6 soft bars with double screw +39 balls with screw hole[...]


[China]inflatable toys;inflatable summer toys;inflatable bath toys;inflatable water toys;beach toys

Our extensive produce line includes baby products ,baby bath books,inflatable toys, inflatable beach items. inflatable advertising and promotional items, inflatable giftware. Such as swimming ring, beach ball, swimming mattress, surfboard, swimming boat, inflatable castle, inflatable sofa, inflatable cushion & pillow.[...]



Floam is made of tiny micro-beads that stick to one another so it can easily be shaped. Kids can stick it to almost anything to create, shape and decorate wonderful playthings and fun gifts. It can be used over and over again![...]


[China]Rubber Chicken Laying An Egg

Practical Jokes and Classical Gags The classic rubber chicken gag with a whole new twist. Not only is it a rubber chicken, but it also lays an egg! Made of rubber. Squeeze the chicken to make it lay an egg. Surprise your guests with a blast from their past with classic practical jokes and gags. Practical jokes are perfect for entertaining all your party guests. Keep the fun going for hours with classics like the groucho glasses, whoopie cushions, and who can resist a rubber chicken?! Keep[...]


[China]Flashing Animal Ring: frog, dolphin, and dinosaur

Flashing Animal Ring: frog, dolphin, and dinosaur: 1) Non-poisonous material 2) Difference animal design: frog, dolphin, and dinosaur 3) Press for opening the light 4) With auto shut-off function 5) Fashion, soft, and safe 6) Best choose for promotion gift Packing: 12pcs with a stand + ploybag, white box 288pcs/ctn[...]



We can offer diffent colour and shape kites. Such as hawk ,bird ect.We also sell spices product such as black pepper, cinnamon, red chilli ,bay leaves, curry, coriander seeds, garlic ect. We can sell willow baskets, please check our pictures, We wish you contact and have good coorperation with you!![...]



Folk crafts: diffrent shape, colour and design kites ,please select and send your need secification. We also can produce according to your design and reqeuest.[...]


[China]Bumper cars

Bumper cars This is our new type of bumper cars drive by battery developed by our factory. Luxury outline, flamboyant colors, and durable. The shell made of multiplex material fiber glass. It can bump, chase, withdraw, and wait for others, the fashionable design, soft seat, and agility steering wheel. Made is easy to control and adorable. It is drive by battery or electric. Use the famous brand DC motor, it is available in any location with quartz ground. Technology parameter 1. Power of[...]


[China]Great price for USB Missile Launcher with best quality

USB Missile Launcher Description: · Plugs into your USB port for power. · No batteries required. · Compatible with Windows XP. · Software is included so it can be controlled, able to move left, right, up, down. · Use your mouse or keyboard to control the 'control panel' · Rotates 360 degrees and about 45 degrees up and down. · Missile launching sound effects when you fire. · Prerecorded sound effects. · Able to download your own sound effects and add[...]


[China]Happy Toy Umbrella

*Happy Toy Umbrella(New toy for children): On the top of Happy Toy Umbrella, there is a beautiful and lovely character such as" Santa Claus", "Snowman", etc. They can flash with sweet music/melody like JINGLE BELL, OLD MACDONALD HAVE A FARM, etc. On the cover there are different kinds of fine pictures that show beautiful and interesting things. All this adds more beauty and more happiness to people's life. Musical/lighted Umbrella is very good gift and toy, the great favorite with children.[...]