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[Poland]The system designed to measure hard magnetic composites

The computerized measuring system designed to measure the resultant magnetic properties of the integrated samples made of the hard magnetic composites with both homogeneous and heterogeneous properties is the computer supported station ensuring a fully automated measuring process with tabular and graphic presentation of the obtained data. The usage of the measuring system resolves into the data input of measurement's and measuring head's parameters from the computer keyboard. The MAG-ST100[...]


[Poland]Franklin Tester TF-100

The measuring device Franklin tester is designed to measure the insulation resistivity of coating according to the ASTM A717/ A717 M - 95 Standard. Microprocessor controlled power supply with bi-directional servomotor and electronic regulator of adjustments rate allows setting the specific pressure forces of measuring head (which contains 10 electrodes) on the tested object. The tested object is placed on the hot plate of the measuring table, which is pressed down to the measuring head as well[...]


[Poland]System to measure properties of electrotechnical steel

The MAG-TD200 computerized measuring system is designed to measure the dynamic magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials in both alternating and rotational fields. The system uses the following test circuits: Epstein frame, Single Sheet Tester, yoke for sample with dimensions of (280x30) mm as well as (100x100) mm and toroidal sample in alternating fields . There is also a possibility to use other test circuits according to customer's requests. In rotational field the measurement of magnetic[...]


[Poland]Inductive heater BD-1.01

The device is assigned to heat the details and metallic bars consist of any steel (for example from acid-resisting steel) to the state, which allows any types of plastic processing (for example upsetting). The DB-1.01 heater characterizes especially high watt-hour efficiency (ca. 98%) thanks to suitable concentration of electromagnetic field in the heating zone of inductor. The high watt-hour efficiency is achieved due to automatic optimisation of supply conditions of circuit with consideration[...]


[Poland]Instrument for Determination of Relative Magnetic Permeability

Microprocessorized Instrument MP-100 is designed to dtermination of the Relative Magnetic Permeability of Non-magnetic Materials by Non-destructive Method. The MP-100 device is designed to measure the relative magnetic permeability in the range of : 1,0...3,0. for materials, details as well as finished products which are made of quasi non-magnetic materials. It is especially usefull in places where the power supply is inaccessible. Small size of detector allows to control the elements with small[...]


[United Kingdom]Canon, Nikon And Other Cameras

Noble Electronic Ltd is your online store for all your geniue original cameras at cheap prices and with it complete accessories Here is our latest price for the following cameras: Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera with AF-S DX 18-105mm lens..... $540usd Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)..... $610usd Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens Kit....... $425usd Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera with AF-S VR DX 18-55mm lens...... $310usd Nikon 1 J1 Digital camera - mirrorless system[...]


[China]car electronic

car electronic,vehicle electronic,car video&audio, car bluetooth, car security,industrial control, MCU development, automatic control, wireless control, intelligent home,wireless transfer, servo control, We specialize in concept development and electronic solution. If you have a project or concept that needs to become a reality, we Allzool can help. With mutual respect and honesty, we provide our customers with personalized service and electronic products . As a famous supplier in the[...]


[China]high power 36*3w rgb par 64 led dj light

Parameters: 1.Power supply: AC 100V--240V 50/60HZ 2.LED source: 36*3w rgb 3.Control: 512DMX, Sound active, Auto, Master/slave 4.Founction: 0-100% Linear dimmer, Fade, Variable strobe, Led display 6.Channel: 3/6 7.Dimensions; 23*23*32.5cm 8.Weight: 2.5 kg Characters: 1.Alumium alloy housing, classic design, light weight 2.Good heat dissipation, make long lifetime 3.Power & DMX ins/ outs intelligently designed, 4.High power, high brightness 5.Dual mounting[...]

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[China]hot sale 36*3w cree led moving head wash light

Base parameter: 1. LED Source: 36*3W RGBA/W LED (R8, G10, B10, W/A:8) 2. Power: 110w 3. Function: Sound Control/Auto/Master and Slave/DMX 4. Channel: 9/12 /16 5. Pan 540 deg max, 16 bit electronic correction 6. Tilt: 180 deg max, 16 bit electronic correction 7. Beam angel:25 deg 8. Founction:linear dimmer, variable strobe , fade, led display 9. Packing size:31.5*21.5*36cm 10.Weight:8.5kg Detailed Product Description: 1. RGBW/A color mixing 2. Vector speed channel for pan/tilt,[...]

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[China]cheap 12*10w rgbw wireless dmx led light

Parameters: 1.Power supply: AC 100V--240V 50/60HZ 2.LED source: 54*3w rgb 3 in 1 3.Control: 512DMX, Sound active, Auto, Master/slave, infra red remote (one to one control, up to 10 meters), ( wireless dmx is optional) 4.Founction: 0-100% Linear dimmer, Variable strobe,strobe, Led display 6.Channel: 4/7 7.Dimensions; 23*18*26cm 8.Weight: 3.5 kg Characters: 1.Buit-in automatic programmes, pre-set 15 kinds colors 2.1 fan, very low nosise, good heat dissipation,[...]

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