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Country: Poland

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[Poland]Morus alba powder

We can offer Morus alba left powder 1200,00kg[...]


[Poland]Agra-stretch film

Agra-stretch film produced by TERPLAST Ltd. enables storing hay directly in the field. Our film protects for 12 months. Perfect quality and strength resulting from 3-layer structure and application of raw materials from the best producers. Wrapping the bales of forage with film offered by TERPLAST Ltd. guarantees high quality hay-silage. Thus high profits can be obtained. Below we present the paramenters of agra-stretch film produced by TERPLAST Ltd.: -co-extruded, -3-layer structure -adhesive[...]


[Poland]Polypropylene baler twines

Polypropylene baler twines are main products in our company. Standard utility studies confirm that these products are characterized by many positive features, such as: - high tenacity - twine unwinding to the last meter - unit tenacity for resistance in knot - depending on customer's needs they may be dyed in any colour and UV treated - are environmentally friendly - fibrillated or non-fibrillated - knotless winding (depending on customer's needs) - the softness of the product ensures[...]


[Poland]Polyethylene net for balling

Polyethylene net for bale wrapping is the most modern way in crop harvesting. It is also a substitute for traditional wrapping bales with twines. Moreover it is a perfect method of storing and transporting harvest goods. The polyethylene net is mainly used in Western Europe but also in Poland its popularity increases every year. The advantages of using polyethylene net: -minimal losses during harvest and baling -precise and tight bales wrapping -bale surface without concavities and hollows[...]


[Poland]Energizers for electric fences

Energizers for electric fences.[...]