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[China]CNC hydraulic guillotine shear for sheet metal shearing QC11Y-8X3200

Name of the machine: hydraulic shearing machine,sheet metal shearing machine, steel plate shearing machine, hydraulic guillotine shear, shearing machine,cizalla guillotina,hydraulic plate shearing machine,hydraulic sheet shearing machine,sheet shearing machine,cnc shearing machine, cnc steel sheet shearing machine; Feature of hydraulic guillotine shear: 1). This machine belongs to second generation of hydraulic shear, with advanced integrated hydraulic system with an excellent reliability and[...]


[China]CNC hydraulic press brake for sheet metal bending WC67K-125T3200

Name of the machine: hydraulic press brake, press brake, press brake machine, sheet metal press brake, plegadora,lamina folding machine,hydraulic bending machine,CNC press brake,press brake machine,hydraulic press brake machine; Feature of the hydraulic press brake machine: 1.The whole structure of the metal plate bending machine Welded steel plate, the frame consists of right and left wall boards, working table, oil box, groove steel and etc. The stress of the parts has been eliminated by[...]


[China]Spiral tube former for duct forming TF-1500

Name of the machine: spiral tube former,duct forming mahcine ,tube forming machine,spiral tube machine,spiral duct machine,hvac tube former,spiral round ducts,pipe fomer,spiral pipe former,spiral duct former,tube forming machine,spiral tubeformer,spiral tube,duct forming,spiral tube forming, tube making machine ,tube processing; Feature of spiral tube former: Spiral tube former is for producing spiral round ducts, tubes, pipes in HVAC system. TF-1500 spiral tube former adopts special mould[...]


[China]CNC plasma cutting machine

Name of the machine: cnc plasma cutting machine,cnc plasma cutter , plasma cutting , industrial cutting,cnc plasma machine ,cnc plasma cutters,plamsma cutter , cnc cutting machine , cnc plasma,plasma cutting table , plasma cnc bed , metal cutting tool,gantry type plasma cutting machine,cnc plasma cutter,cnc gantry type plasma and flame cutting machine Usage of plasma cutting machine: CNC gantry type plasma/flame cutting machine is designed with the company many years' cumulative experience It[...]


[China]PNa meter

KL-188 on-line control set shows( industry) digit display sodium instrumentation It is an accurate secondary instrument with LED digital display. it is applicable to determine Na+ value of water solution in departments of petroleum,chemical,medicine-produce ect. Automatic temp.Compensation Technical Specification: Measuring range: pNa:0~9;Na+:23g/L~0.023μg/L pNa+:1~7;Na+:2.3g/L~2.3μg/L Accuracy: ≤±0.02pNa/3pNa ±0.05pNa±1digitals Resolution: 0. 01pNa stability:[...]


[China]pH Meter

KL-009〔Ⅲ〕High Accuracy Pen-type pH Meter KL-009(III) high accuracy pen type PH meters uses combined pH electrode of high sensitivity , fast response, and good repetition as probe. With 31/2 liquid crystal digits display, the meter is reliable, stable, portable, and convenient to operate, especially for field measuring. It is praised by home and aboard. This product has been exported in batches. Temperature compensation and temperature display. Technical Specification: Model KL-009(III)[...]


[China]pH meter

KL-98103 Economical pH Tester Technical Specification:       Model KL-98103 Range 0.00~14.00PH Accuracy ±0.2PH ±0.1PH(at20℃) Resolution 0.01PH Operating temperature 0℃~50℃ Power Supply 3×1.5V(AG13) Dimensions 175mm×51mm×25mm Weight 57g[...]


[China]PH Meter

Kl-016 Bench-top pH Meter KL-016 intellectual acidometer is an accurate electrochemical apparatus which is used to measure the acidity and basicity, electrode potential and the temperature of solutions.It is an accurate secondary instrument with LED digital display. It can be used with various ion selective electrodes to measure cell potential of electrodes in solution. The negative logarithm of the ionic activity in solution can be read directly. The instrument can also be used as an accurate[...]


[China]Ph meter

KL-100 Digital pH Controller Technical Specification: Model KL-100 Measuring range 0.00~14.00PH Accuracy ±0.02PH Resolution 0.01PH Set Range 3.50~10.50PH Relay contact 5A/240VAC Environment Temperature:0~50℃ Humidity<95℅ Display 4-digital LED Input Impedance 1012Ω Power Supply 220V±10℅ 50Hz±2℅ Dimensions 108×210×48 (mm3) Weight 550g[...]


[China]PH meter

KL-018 Industrial Online pH Controller KL-018 It is an accurate secondary instrument with LED digital display. it is applicable to determine pH value of water solution in departments of petroleum,chemical,medicine-produce ect. Automatic temp.Compensation Technical Specification: Model KL-018 Measuring range 0.00~14.00PH Accuracy ±0.02PH Resolution 0.01PH Output current 4-20mA Automatic temperature compensation 0~100℃ Warning accuracy ±0.02PH Environment Temperature:0~50℃[...]