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Category: Apparel & Fashion -> Machinery for textile industry

Country: China

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[China]Surgical gauze weaving machine

Our this type of air jet loom is specially designed to weave medical gauze or cotton gauze. Traditionally, gauze is produced on shuttle loom or rapier loom. But their production efficiency is pretty low, and high labor cost. With our new air jet loom for gauze, such problem will be long gone. Weaving Speed: 500RPM Output: above 800 meters/24hrs Labor: 1 worker can handle 4-8 sets Power consumption: low Yarn range: 20s-40s[...]


[China]Opening Roller for open end spinning

ROLLER HEAD DIA: 65mm, 75mm, 80mm TYPE: OK40, OK36, OK37, OK61, OK74, OS21, OB20,ETC. SPEED: 5000RPM, 5500RPM, 6000RPM, 6500RPM, 7000RPM, 7500RPM, 8000RPM, 8500RPM, 9000RPM. FOR OPEN END SPINNING MACHINERY: ELITEX BD200RN/SN, BDA10/20, D1,D2, RIETER BT902/905, BT923, RIETER INGOLSTADT RU04,11,14, RIETER R1, R20,SAURER BD D30, ETC.[...]


[China]Polyester Staple Fiber Production Line

Raw Material: Regenerated Polyester chips: PET bottle flakes(white, blue, green, mixed color), PET granule, PET x-ray flakes, PET lump, PET pop corn, PET waste filament.PET virgin chips. To Produce: Solid Fiber, 3-dimensional Hollow Spiral Crimple Fiber(Hollow conjugate fiber), Multi-hollow(4, 7, 9, 10, 12 hole). Capacity: 3000mt/a; 4000mt/a; 6000mt/a; 8000mt/a; 10000mt/a; 12000mt/a; 15000mt/a; 30000mt/a[...]


[China]PP Spunbonded Nonwovens Production Line

To Produce: PP Spunbonded Nonwovens Capacity: 1500mt/a(width:1.6m) 2500mt/a(width:2.4m) 3500mt/a(width:3.3m)[...]


[China]Dual/ Two color Injection Molding Machine

Dual-color Injection Molding Machine 1. It applies main and side two injection unit. Two screws are controlled by professional computer procedure to realize simultaneous or alternative injection. Different patterns can be molded. 2. It’s used to produce sandwich injection parts that lower the production cost. 3. The machine is widely used to process dual color injection molding. Plastic materials like PP, PE and PS etc. Ningbo Kingway Machinery Co., Ltd Technical parameter Item [...]


[China]rotor for Elitex BD/BT spinning machinery

rotor cup treatment: anodize. rotor bearing: 40000rpm, 60000rpm, 80000rpm For Elitex BD200R/RC/RN/S/SN, BDA10N, BD20N, BDSI, BDA, etc.[...]


[China]net weaving machine

we can supply net weaving machine including single or double knot netting machine and knotless net weaving machine.PLEASE contact for catalogues to select[...]


[China]GZN-2 SNAP Attaching Machine

We have GZN-2, QZN-2 snap attaching machines. The die holder is 3/8", target light, safety device. Electric foot press machines. Can be used to attach all kinds of grippers, prong, stud, socket, tacks, burr, rivets, caps. We can also supply the dies.[...]


[China]sell embroidery machine spare parts

We are dealing in embroidery machine spare parts in china,we can provide you competitive price,such as electronic cards,frames,needles,bobbin case,bobbin,sequin mould and so on.[...]


[China]Needle plate

We have manufactured over 300 kinds of needle plates,if you need them,please contact us.[...]