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[Poland]Side profiling machine PROFILE SPEED

Profil Speed The machine polishes and mills perpendicular surfaces, sides of stone slabs, both granite and marble. The tool can produce semi-roll moulding, quadrant roll moulding, phase or straight side on the slabs 2-12 cm thick. It uses diamond flat mills and polishing stones. It can be controlled manually or automatically. All elements that have contact with water are galvanized. Stable steel construction protected with a permanent anti-corrosion paint. Control panel with Moeler, ABB,[...]


[China]Sealed strip machine

Sealed strip machine is foamed directly onto the part by using FIPFG (formed-in-place foam gasket) technology, This technology replaces the traditional method of tape affixed, and the surface crust uniform and excellent flexibility. Widely used in electric power, lighting, and automobile industries. At present produced by Lianshi brand of automatic spreading machine in a leading position in China.[...]



Design:Horizontal Bed Type Machining Centre HP-63P is a modern, precision, numerically controlled machinetool designed for efficient machining the workpieces made of steel, cast iron, aluminium and other materials. Feed action in three axes X,Y and Z is provided by pre-tensioned recirculating ball screws,driven by directly coupled AC servo motors. Rotary table with pallet vice (B-Axis) is driven by AC continuous drive motor. The minimal programmable angular setting of the table : 0,001 of arc degree.[...]



Design: HZ 500 horizontal machining centre has been designed as a modern and cost effective machine tool. The structure of the machine addresses most of the issues commonly present in modern machine shops such as need for high material removal rate, thanks to fast spindle and rapid linear axes, and easy and efficient removal of chips and filtration of cooling liquids. HZ 500 has been designed entirely in 3D CAD environment. Machine base is made as a weldment. The central channel contains the chip[...]


[Czech Republic]horizontal borin machine WHQ 13 CNC, TOS brand

We offer an used HBM TOS, model WHQ 13 CNC, with operating control system Heidenhain iTNC 530,portable control panel, X = 3500 mm, y=2500 mm, year of production 2008, chain tool magazine of 60 position, table surface 1800 x 2200 mm,cheap conveyor, clamping angle plates..2 pcs, clamping cube UK 500..2 pcs, tool cooling device, spindle taper..ISO 50, RPM..10 - 3000, maximum workpiece weight...12 000 kg, Price and more information on request. Possible to arrange a re-assambly anywhere.[...]


[China]Numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer

Adapbility: Numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer is used in precision forging and multiple mould forging of all kinds of accessories. Features: + Hit energy controled by digitization ,you can set it at will. + The hit frequency is high,the hammer head return fast and no close die phenomena. + The control system show chinese word,so people can communicate with the machine. + The fault diagnosis system can diagnose the machine automated ,this can reduce the analysis of failure reason. +[...]


[China]scourer making machine

This machine is used to produce flat shape scrubber also widely used in cleaning pots, pans, ovens, dishes, glass wares, sinks, tiles, bath tubs, machine parts, tools, etc. It is with Voltage: 220V/380V and 2.2KW motor Setting wire: 5-6 wire 3 scourers out put Counting: digital control Automatic cutting the scourers Material: S/S wire and Galvanized wire, iron, etc.[...]


[China]scourer weaving machine

This machine is used to produce the mesh scourer which are widely used in cleaning pots, pans, ovens, dishes, glass wares, sinks, tiles, bath tubs, machine parts, tools, etc. Especially they are more effective to all kinds of greasy dirt, ironmould. With 0.75KWH and mall cubage, one machine only needs 2-3 square meters of production space. The machine does not need special skills, production place and manpower. One person can operate 6-8 machines. With so little investment, you can you[...]


[Poland]3 roll bending machines

Model ZB2x1000 ZB1.5x1300 ZB1.2x1000 Max thickness of sheet[mm] 2 1.5 1.2 Max width of sheet [mm] 1000 1300 1530 Limit of plasticity [mpa] 245 245 245 Min. Diameter of rolled sheet [mm] 100 100 100 Diameter of top roll [mm] 72 72 72 Diameter of bottom roll [mm] 72 72 72 Engine power [kW] 1.1 1.1 1.1 weight [kg] 220 245 272 Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 1540x550x1170 1800x550x1170 2050x550x1170[...]



[Poland]CNC machining centres

Characteristics: Applicable in high-performance metalworking of series produced objects and to performing moulds. Digital main and thread drives Rapid feeding in all directions Repeatability and precision of positioning 20 or 24-tooled set of parts making possible compound metalworking High-round spindle ergonomic, close and full covers of machining space high-performance system of cooling tools rich optional equipment rigid supporting- cast iron body CE certificate[...]