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[Poland]Milk coolers

Milk coolers, all types and marks, different capacities[...]


[China]mirco track tractor

This product to a large extent replaced the animal in the fields or farmland Interplanting row operations. Has the following advantages 1 smaller, narrower Tread. Only the local track Tread 37Cm wide growth in the crops to the fields above 70Cm still operating single ridge, and there is no harm to crops advantages. 2 Walking track, traction power, great. Is tracked as a result of running agencies, greater friction with the ground than the wheel, compared to farm machinery, with operations in the[...]


[China]Capacitor Start and Run Single Phase Asynchronous Motor

Capacitor Start and Run Single Phase Asynchronous Motor Standard features: Aluminum frame: 71-90 Mounting type: B3 Power: 0.55kw(0.75HP)-2.2kw(3HP) Squirrel cage rotor/aluminum die cast Start & run capacitor Continous duty: S1 Protection grade: IP44 Insulation class: B Voltage: 220V Optical features: Mounting type: B5/B14 Special voltages 110V, 100V, 230V Custom motors available Applications: Fans, pumps, pulleys, cranes, Continuous conveyors, grinders etc.[...]


[China]Wheat Cleaning Machine (6FQZ-23)

6FQZ-23 automatic feed in and clean machine, USD750, including motor price Power: 4. 75kw, main shaft speed: 1650 rpm Out dimension: 230*190*180cm, working capacity: 350---450kg/hour The machine can sift, remove bran, inhale air to remove impurities, add water to moist wheat, automatic feed-in, etc. It is especially suitable for flour mill and wheat processing owners to clean the raw materials.[...]


[China]Spiral Oil Expeller YZYX115

It is a update model for medium sized oil mill. it has the strong points of small sprial oil expeller, but the working capacity is raised greatly, hence the economic efficiency. YZYX115, 11kw (4 poles), residual oil rate: <6.5%, working capacity: rapeseeds, soybeans, cotton seeds, peanuts more than 6 tons/day[...]


[China]Spiral Oil Press (YZYX10-12)

YZYX10--12, 11kw (4 poles), residual oil rate: <6. 5%, working capacity: more than 3 metric tons/ day. HS Code: 84388000 Standard: ISO9002 we have many other oil mill, if you are interested, be free to contact us.[...]


[China]Spiral Oil Expeller (YZYX95-3, YZYX10-4)

YZYX95-3, YZYX10-4 spiral oil expeller, 7. 5kw (4 poles), residual oil rate: <7. 5%, working capacity: more than 3 metric tons/ day. It can process rapeseed, soybeans, peanut, cottonseeds, tungnut, etc. Standard: ISO9002[...]


[China]Clamp Fastener Machinery

we can supply many kinds of garden machines,construction machines, agricultural machines[...]

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[China]nuts shaker

Weight:10.6kgs Length:2.5&3m Poletype:fixedpole Ratedpower:900w Displacement:26cc Beat/minute:1150beats Harvestingcapacity:5080kgs/h Carton size:61*36.5*18cm (ENGINE)/215*12*10cm(ENGINE)[...]

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[China]power sprayer QF-6.5-26A

power sprayer Model:QF-5.5-26A Plunger number&dia:3X22X16MM Working pressure:20-35BAR Suction volume:13-22L/MIN Motor:5.5HP Speed:800-1200r.p.m Dimension:740x390x430mm A. Crank case. Gravity casting aluminium alloy makes the crank case stand at perfect strength and excellent stiffness. B. Plunger: Stainless steel plunger and bushes coating provide the maximum resisitance to corrosion and abrasion. C. Connecting rod: Special zinc, magnesium alloy starts the highest tensile and[...]