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[China]Elisa Kit for HBV PreS2

Brief Introduction Exclusive in China With the kit, you can find if you’re infected with HBV now! With the kit, you can find the prognosis of your HBV now! Characteristics of the kit Highly sensitive: The minimum detection quantity can reach the ng class. Highly specific: This center’s PreS2 cell line is established directed at the specific points PreS2 a and PreS2 b in the PreS2 sequence to ensure the specificity of detected PreS2 and anti-PreS2. Quite stable: The mature production[...]


[China]Cockroach Trap(with sticker and bait)

Around kitchen sink, gas stove, refrigerator, cupboard, closet, bathroom and Around kitchen sink, gas stove, refrigerator, cupboard, closet, bathroom and Around kitchen sink, gas stove, refrigerator, cupboard, closet, bathroom and Around kitchen sink, gas stove, refrigerator, cupboard, closet, bathroom and[...]


[China]Transfer Pipette

Yellow plastic 20 pieces / set[...]


[China]Elisa washer KWP-100

KWP-100 Microplate Washer Features 8-way and 12-way wash head interchangeable Programmable up to 40 wash protocols Minimal residual volume Low well-to –well variation Automatic self-diagnostic program Automatic liquid monitoring system Touch screen , LCD display Specifications Plate type U,V or flat-bottom Wash head 8-way or 12-way Wash programs Up to 40 Wash cycles 1-9 Dispensing volume 50µl[...]


[China]Elisa Reader KC-100

8-Channel optical measuring system Optional single/double wavelength analysis Extensive onboard data analysis Variable speeds linear shaking Cutoff and call criteria Large storage for 2500 results Touch screen, large LCD display Specifications Detection method Absorbance Microplate types 96-well plate (U, V or flat-bottom) Measuring system 8-Channel optical system Reading speed 12s single[...]


[China]Electrolyte Analyzer XI-921 series

XI-921 series Electrolyte analyzer Features Compact, economical and easy - to- use Excellent precision and reliability Long life, high performance, maintenance –free electrodes Automatic sampling, washing and calibration Touch – screen ,large LCD display Internal thermal recorder Auto sampler optional Specifications Principle: Direct measurement by Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Sample: Whole blood, serum, plasma, diluted[...]


[China]Fully-auto Chemistry Analyzer KB-120

Features Separate sample probe & reagent probe in order to guarantee the precision of sample volume / reagent volume. Sample probe & reagent probe are equipped with liquid level detection feature and automatic cleaning (inside & outside) Automatic recording of all operation steps and reaction curves High quality distribution device with 5 years shelf life without any maintenance required, the sampling aspiration is as accurate as 0.1µl Real-time display of residual[...]


[China]Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer NB-201

NB-201 Chemistry Analyzer Features End point ,kinetics, fixed time absorbance All-in-one optical system, high reliability and anti-interference 7 filters (340nm~630nm) + 1 free position Reaction curve and QC graph print-out Dynamic temperature control of Peltier elements , 25°C , 30°C , 37°C Up to 112 test profiles can be programmed Memory for 3200 sample results TEMPERATURE CONTROL By means of Peltier elements [...]


[China]Medical indisfection basket

Production name: medical disinfection basket, medical disinfection shelve. We are a special enterprise for producing various styles of stainless steel disinfection basket and disinfection shelve The main material: 304、304L、316、316L stainless steel electric welding mesh, stainless steel braiding net, stainless steel punching mesh. Capability: nontoxic, tasteless, stable and durable. It is mainly used in disinfection of Medical Apparatus, food appliance, laboratory, etc. The productions’[...]


[China]Cover glasses & glass slides

We offer very good gover glasses & glass slides in competitive price.[...]