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[China]Cosmetic bag

Commodity: Cosmetic Bag Item. No.: CB116 series Size: 12"/9" Material: Polyester with PVC coating Color: Pink, Blue[...]


[Pakistan]Nail & Cuticle Nippers

Made with quality stainless steel. Available in different sizes. In single or double spring suspension.[...]


[China]Sell Adult's Toothbrush

Soft Fingers: massage gums while cleaning teeth The end-rounded bristles effectively protect your gums and your tooth enamel Uniquely designed handle and grip offer incredible comfort and control[...]


[China]Sell Dental Floss

Dental Floss: 1.50m 2.Removing plaque from between your teeth and along the gum line where a toothbrush cannot reach. 3.Reduce gum disease and tooth decay. 4.Has a mint flavor to freshen your mouth. Directions for Use: 1.Pull out around 45cm (18inches) of floss and break off with cutter. 2.Wind ends of floss around the middle finger of each hand, leaving about 10cm(4inches) of floss between them, then tighten with thumb and forefinger. 3.Gently slide floss between teeth and under the gum[...]


[China]Sell Tongue Brush

Dental research has shown that the cause of most bad breath odor comes from bacteria decay on the far back of the tongue. You may brush your tongue with a regular toothbrush. Unfortunately, the high profile keeps you from reaching the problem area at the far back of the tongue. For effective cleaning, expert dentist recommend the tongue cleaner, which are special design for killing "BAD BREATH".[...]


[China]Sell Dental Stain Remover

Dental Stain Remover: 1.Thoroughly brush and rinse teeth and gums before using dental stain eraser. 2.Use light and even pressure to rub stained areas of teeth with cleaning tip. 3.Using short stokes change direction of rubbing movements regularly. 4.Rinse and repeat it required[...]


[China]Sell Denture Brush

Denture brush Dentures require daily brushing for freshness and effective stain removal, because effervescent cleansers alone cannot remove all food particles and stains. Denture Brush is recommended by dentist to help you get a more thorough clean. Features: 1.A large, multi-tufted brush head helps remove food particles and stains easily 2.A smaller, angle-trimmed brush head for hard-to-reach surfaces 3.Firm, nylon bristles are strong and resilient. 4.Large, soft rubber non-grip handle so[...]


[China]Sell Toothbpick With Floss

It helps you to keep your teeth and gum healthy. It cleans where your brush can't reach. Waxed floss can easily slide between your teeth. Easy to insert so you can reach even the tightest spots. Be available in mint flavor.[...]


[China]Sell Interdental Brush

Remove the impurities. Insert brush between teeth slowly and scrub back and forth. After using this brush, you can clean it in water and dry it for next time use.[...]


[China]nail wipes & towels

professional nail wipes available including gel wipes , brush wipes and table towels[...]