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[China]wholesaling Yuda brand hair growth pilatory-world's best anti-hair loss brand

Established in 2001, Kunming Dali Group has a GMP-certified factory convering around 18 million sq ft.. Its factory consists of 15 specialized labs, 10 professional production lines, 118 researchers and the most advanced facilities etc. Clinical tests have shown that our hair loss treatment can stop hair loss in 7 days and stimulate hair regrowth in 15days without irritating to skin. We have been providing private label/OEM service to thousands of companies in multi-level scale, in USA, Europe,[...]


[China]Sheep Placenta Extract (SPE,Cosmetic Grade)

Sheep placenta water solution liquid is extracted from Ningxia sheep placenta through enzymolysis.Modern science verify that, sheep placenta and human placenta are same in nutritional structure. . Sheep placenta extract is safe and efficient, health and pollution-free, formulated with skin regeneration factor TAMANOL, natural whitening factor CLERILYS, oxygenating factor MANGNALUS and other active ingredients to go deeply into skin, provide nutrition to skin, leace applied skin richer in nutrients. . Transparent[...]


[China]Arbutin (Efficacy Toiletry)

Product name: Arbutin CAS NO: 497-76-7 EINECS NO.: 207-850-3 INCI name: Arbutin Quality index: White powder or acicular crystallization Melting point: 198~~201 PH(1%solution): 5~~7 Loss on drying: ≤ 1.0%. Burn residue: ≤0.1%. Hydroquinone: Can't examine out Content: ≥99%. Character: Effectively inhibiting the formation of melanin and prohibit hyperpigmentation caused by ultraviolet radiation. Used to whiten the skin, preven liver spots and freckles, treat sunburn and regulate[...]


[Poland]Nail Fashion Catalogue

This catalogue is devoted to nail art. A great amount of hand made nail art. All accessible materials, methods, and tools presented in this catalogue. Pictures Step by Step. Catalogue in English.[...]


[China]Nighttime sanitary nakin

Item No.:1280 1)Dry PE cover,to speed up the leaking ability.. keep soft dry and comfortable 2)with impoerted absorbent materails to keep the absorbent ability. 3)with anti-leaking bottom film to prevent leaking out. 4)with specail mould let the napkin more closed to the body.feel better.[...]


[China]Daytime Sanitary Napkin

Item No.:T2041 1)with soft perforated cotton cover to leak the liquid quickly and soft. 2)with SAP paper,made of imported SAP,to keep the high and instant absorbent 3)with breathable bottom film to evacuate the dampness keep clean and fresh. 4)with high quaity glue to hold the sanitary napkin in right position.[...]


[China]sea buckthorn seed Oil(Hippophae, Rokitnik,Sanddorn,Duindoorn)

Seabuckthorn seed oil by Supercritical CO2 extract from Yiyang BiOchem --Active ingredient: Palmitic acid C16:0 7.0 – 12.0% Palmitoleic acid C16: 1 0.6– 3.0% Oleic acid C18:1 18.0 – 26.0% Linoleic acid C18:2 33.0 – 40.0 % Linolenic acid C18:3 23.0 – 32.0% --Functions: For internal use :Scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-aging; improving immunization; against myocardial ischemia; protecting the heart;[...]


[Australia]Natural Emu oil Moisturiser plus Vitamin E, 250ml

Y-Not Natural Moisturiser plus Vitamin E (250ml) Our natural moisturiser has been infused with Emu Oil, rich in essential fatty acids and enhanced with the vital nutrients and anti-oxidants needed by your skin. This exclusive formulation will replenish moisture and nourish your skin resulting in smoother, shinier and healthier skin. Y-Not Natural Moisturiser + Vitamin E can be used as a; • Cleanser; • Day Crème to Smooth Wrinkles; • Make-up base; • Night Crème for Cuts & Rashes; •[...]


[Australia]Natural Emu oil Body Milk plus Vitamin E, 250ml

Y-Not Natural Body Milk plus Vitamin E (250ml) Body milk has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of body skin which has been exposed to environmental stresses such as wind and especially the sun. It is an ideal emergency treatment to relieve irritating sensations caused by over exposure. This body milk helps desensitise the effects of over exposure to the sun and artificially controlled climates. It is light, silky milk which absorbs immediately on application leaving no greasy[...]


[Australia]Natural Emu oil Moisturiser plus Vital ET, 200g

Y-Not Natural Hand Cream plus Vital ET (200g) Hand cream with Vital ET and Emu Oil added to condition, moisturise and protect your skin. Y-Not Natural Hand cream helps skin appear smoother, healthier and more radiant. The Emu oil that we add to our hand cream deeply penetrates the skin to restore skin tissue. It is great for skin rashes and sunburn and reduces their adverse effects. Y-Not Natural Hand Cream Plus Vital ET will: • Transforms dry, dehydrated skin into silky soft, supple skin. •[...]