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[United States]Coyote Fur Pelts, Bedspreads, Coats

Coyote pelts for making fur coats and jackets. Shipped world. Delivery 3-21 days as ordered. Prices $60 to $180 per pelt Pictures available fo coats, bedspreads etc. Licensed by U.S. Government. Shipments insured by U.S. Government The coyote (Canis latrans) is a native of the plains and mountainous areas of the western United States and Canada but has also become established throughout most of the eastern United States in the last 20 years. Problems associated with this population expansion[...]


[United States]Fur pelts hides and skins of North American Mink Sable Fox Coyote etc

Fur Pelts of Mink, Sable, Fox, Chinchilla, Coyote, Wolf, Raccoon, Beaver, Otter, Ermine, Lynx, Bobcat, Fisher, Rabbit. Badger, Wolverine, etc Trapped in the Wild or farm raised. for manufacture of fur coats, bedspreads, comforters, cuffs, collars, etc., etc., etc. Avaiilable raw or dressed (tanned) Shipped world-wide with delivery 3 days or 6 weeks according to your needs customs clearance provided in your country and delivery to your doorstep without further import formailties. Licensed and[...]