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Category: Apparel & Fashion -> Textile products

Country: China

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[China]All kinds of wool or woll blended suiting

Fine Spinning Woolen Fabrics Pure Wool Series: Pure Wool Fancy Suiting, Pure Wool Tribute Twill, Pure Wool Serge Cloth, Pure Wool Single Side Serge Wool and Terylene Series: Wool and Terylene Cavalry Twill, Wool and Terylene Fancy Suiting, Wool and Terylene Hopsack, Wool and Terylene Mousseline de Laine, Wool and Terylene High Counts Serge, Wool and Terylene Cooling Cloth, Wool and Terylene Serge, Wool and Terylene Tribute Twill, Wool and Terylene Valitin Notes: The colors of the above mentioned[...]


[China]All kinds of pritned and dyed cotton shirting

Printed and dyed ; spandex 40x40+40d,133x72,50/52" 20x16+70d,90x60,50/52" cotton satin with span also 30x30,68x68,35/36' 30x30,68x68,43/44' 30x30,68x68,55/56' 20x20.60x60,35/36' 20x20,60x60,43/44' 20x20,60x60,55/56' 40x40,133x72.43/44' 20x20,108x58,43/44' 20x16,128x60,43/44' cotton and t/c twill 20x16,128x60 20x20,108x58 21x21,108x58 16x12,108x56[...]


[China]All kinds of printed and dyed cotton flannel

PRINTED AND DYED COTTON FLANNEL 20X10,40X42, 35/36' 20x10,40x42, 42/43' 20x10,40x42, 53/54' 24X13,42X44, 35/36' 24x13,42x44, 42/43' 24x13,42x44, 53/54' 20X20/2,42X46,42/43' 21X21,64X54, 42/43' 32X20,64X66, 42/43'[...]


[China]All kinds of printed and dyed spun rayon shirting

pritned and dyed ; 30x30,64x60,35/36' (ZR503,,,XR503...) 30x30,68x68,35/36' 30x30,68x68,43/44' 30x30,68x68,55/56' 30x30,68x68,57/58' 20x20,60x60,35/36' 20x20,60x60,43/44' 20x20,60x60,55/56' 40x40,100x80,43/44' 30x30,100x60,43/44' 20x20,108x58,43/44'TWILL 30X24,91X68,44' SERGE 30X24,91X68,56' SERGE 30X24,68X44,50/52' CREPE 120DX30,108X58,57/58' FUJETTE 120DX20,92X56,52/53' FUJETTE CREPE BLEND 30X30,68X68,44' RAYON/COTTON BLEND 30X30,68X68,56' RAYON/COTTON printed herringbone[...]


[China]Silk blanket

100% pure silk blanket size: from baby throw to extra king size ,the widest width is 240cm weight: 300gsm-500gsm can be solid color or printed.[...]



100% cotton velour printed towels bath towel:70x140cm 150x80cm weight: 300-500gsm packing: each pc in polybag with nice insert card[...]


[China]spandex covered yarn with polyester

We supply all kinds of spandex covered yarn with polyester such as 20D/30D, 20D/40D, 20D/70D, 40D/70D, 20D/75D, 30D/75D, etc. 1. Yarns of fine quality. 2. Capable of handling sizable orders. 3. Wrapping way: SCY/DCY, warp-way twist(Z)/weft-way twist(S). 4. Elasticity: low/medium/high. 5. Color: White/Black as well as any other color. 6. Application: popularly used in knitting & weaving, jeans, sweaters, socks, underwear etc. 7. We can make as you required. Looking forward to hearing from you! TKS![...]


[China]WEIYI's Yarns

Zhangzhou Weiyi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is specialized in the manufacturing of spandex covered yarn and Nylon DTY of good quality. Trough the mutual efforts & cooperation of our staffs, our business partners, WEIYI has enjoyed a high reputation both at home and abroad for nearly a decade. WEIYI yarns always yearn for better. Sincerely hope we can establish a long-term and firm relationship with you. TKS![...]


[China]Nylon DTY

Features: 1. High output & supreme quality. 2. Color: White/Black, other colors as well. 3: Available for knitting and weaving, hosiery, underwear etc. We mainly produce: 30D/10F-24F,40D/10F-36F,70D/24F-48F,100D/36F-72F,140D/48F,200D/72F. Those above-mentioned ones are often found in our regular production lines. We can also make according to your specific requirements. Expecting your inquiry. TKS![...]


[China]compressed towel

The compressed Towel made from 100% cotton are sanitary and reliable after heat sterilization and strict quality control. they can be compressed into some shapes such as round, global, heart, square, rectangle, ship or other shapes. they can spread into new fresh Towel when being put into water for about 30 seconds, and are used and taken with you easily and conveniently. Additionally, colorful printing can be made as per your favor and request in package, which are novel design and fashionable pattern.[...]