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[Uzbekistan]Cotton, cotton yarn

profitable assistance in high quality cotton and cotton yarn import directly from manufacturer. High grade cotton from uzbekistan,cotton yarn produced on new german textile machines fitting for european export quality.[...]


[Pakistan]Anti Vibration Gloves

Anti vibration Gloves with gel.[...]


[Pakistan]Anti-Vibration Gloves

Full Finger Anti-Vibration Gloves. Suede front and cool and comfortable terry back. AV gel in palm, side and back of hand, index finger and full thumb Size: S-2X[...]


[China]Industrial Polyester and Polyamide/Nylon High Tenacity Dope dyed Yarn

1.Polyester High Tenacity Multifilament Dope Dyed Bright Yarns Linear density:1000D,1500D,2000D,3000D Technical spec. of dope dyed Polyester Breaking Tenacity:8~8.5G/D Breaking Elongation Ratio:11.5~13.5% Hot Air Shrinkage(177Degree Celsius,1min.):6.0~8.5% Packing::fixed weight 11 or 11.5 or 12 kgs/bobbin Bobbin Dimension(without yarn)length-300mm, Inner dia.-94mm/112mm 2.Polyamide/Nylon 6High Tenacity Multifilament Dope Dyed Bright Yarn Linear Density:210D/32F~420D/48F~630D/70F~840D/96F~1050D/140F~ 1260D/210F~1680D/240F~1890D/310F [...]


[China]Industrial Polyester High Tenacity Multifilament Yarn

1.Polyester high tenacity yarn 500d,1000d,1300d,1500d,2000d,2500d,3000d,4000d…. Technical spec.: Breaking Tenacity:9.1~9.30G/D Breaking Elongation Ratio:14+/-2% Hot Air Shrinkage(177Degree Celsius,10min.):6.5+/-1.5% Packing::fixed weight 11 or 11.5 or 12 kgs/bobbin Bobbin Dimension(without yarn)length-300mm, Inner dia.-94mm 2. Polyester HT Low shrinkage for sewing thread:50D/24F,70D/24F,100D/236F, 110D/36F,120D/36F,150D/48F,210D/60F,235D/60F,250D/60F&72F [...]


[China]Industrial Polyester and Nylon High tenacity Sewing Thread

Industrial Polyester and Nylon High tenacity Sewing Thread 120D/3,150D/3,210d/3,250D/3......840d/3,1000D/3...... The specification of twist,lubrication,heat-treatment and special requirements can be negotiable.[...]


[Poland]Cotton yarn single (combed or carded) and double

We offer single (carded or combed) and double cotton yarn. Very attractive prices and good quality. Country of origin: Uzbekistan. Minimum order: 1 container. For further information and quotation please contact Dariusz Halicki of VM Serwis (a trading partner of Daewoo International) on (48) 602 222 737, Tel: 48 42 637 12 84, 636 01 27 or Fax: 48 42 637 12 84, 636 01 27 ext. 30.[...]



Currently the BRECO company performs the investment program in result of which in the middle of 2006 a new technological line will be launched for unwoven fabrics production. The line will be based on two-sides mechanical needle-punched technology that allows to obtain high quality measures of the product to fulfill the customers requirements. Description of the product 100% PES fibre and 100% PP fibre or mixtures of these fibre will constitute basic raw material for the mentioned fabrics[...]


[Poland]Industrial threads - Shoes and leather

ARTYN – this core spun polyester thread has very high tensile strength and is suitable for every type of stitch and seam. All available colours have excellent fastness to light, washing and chemical treatment. All the parameters of ARTYN are up to the European standard EN 12590:1999 ARTYN has very good sewability on every machine and is recommended for swing of ARTYN 80E - women, men and children’s garments, sportwear, medium-weight fabrics, protective and work clothing, camping articles[...]

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[Poland]Industrial threads - Shoes and leather

ERA - these are multipurpose polyester sewing threads made by using modern revolutionary production technology, giving them the best properties of core spun threads and spun threads. Designed to meet the highest quality requirements. The optimum choice of physical and mechanical parameters quarantees high tensile strength and very good sewability. Suitable for every type of stitch, seam and all types machines. ERA is especially recommended for corset articles, underwear, women and men’s wear,[...]

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