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[China]napkin rings

Product Description 1) Name: napkin rings 2) Material: plastic, 3) Various designs and materials available 4) Accept customers' special requirment 5) Logo: Customer Logo Available 6) OEM welcome Delivery Time: It depends on the order details, usually about 20-30 days after confirming all order details and receiving the advance payment by T/T or confirming the L/C.[...]


[India]Selling of Jatropha, Jatropha seeds, Jatropha crude oil, Jatropha seedling etc.

We have been successfully working for large-scale development of Jatropha plantation in all over India. We use modernized technique & methodology for its crop cultivation. We are engaged in the actions to endorse Jatropha Plant Cultivation along with their marketing and development activities. We have our own farm houses in various districts of Rajasthan. We also have buy-back agreement with farmers and big corporate houses for Jatropha seeds, Jatropha crude oil, and other Jatropha products. We[...]


[India]Selling of Karanj, karanj seeds, karanj crude oil, karanj plants etc.

Karanj is one of the few nitrogen fixing trees (NFTS) to produce seeds containing 30-40% Karanj crude oil. It is often planted as an ornamental and shade tree but now-a-days it is considered as alternative source for Bio- Diesel. Uses of Karanj: 1. Karanj is commonly used as fuel wood. 2. A thick yellow-orange to brown oil is extracted from seeds. 3. The oil cake, remaining when oil is extracted from the seeds, is used as poultry feed. The Sunrise is focused on development of Karanj. We can[...]


[China]sell Winter jujube seedling

Winter jujube seedling Winter jujube seedling is a rarely breed in the jujube seedlings. This seedling has a very strong adaptability. It can endure drought and water logging, endure barren and also endure salt and alkali land. Winter jujube seedling can plant in the bare, upland, sanded or low-lying salt and alkali land. This seedling is managed simply and save time. Planting this seedling cost few money, but can have a fast and high benefit. (The price of the Winter jujube in the marker is 380[...]


[Ghana]sesame seed sunflower seed cotton seed

We Have White hulled sesame seed, sunflower seed, cotton seed and all kinds of Seeds. We manufacture to exact buyer's required specifications and packaging needs. We welcome buyer's inquiries for purchase. Email Telephone: +233-548-880295[...]


[Poland]Apple trees

Apple trees M-26 Ambassy, Red Boskoop, Cortland Wicki, Jonagold Decosta, Delicates, Gala Must, Geneva Early, Golden Del Reinders, Jonagored, Ligol, Lobo,Jonagored Morens, Rubinstar, Jonagored Supra M-7 Ambassy, Eliza, Idared, Najdared, Piros , Szampion Reno, Topaz M-9 Ambassy, Jonagold Decosta, Gala Must, Gala Schnitzera Schniga, Gloster, Golden Del. Reinders, Fuji KIKU 8, Ligol, Morens, Mutsu, Piros, Red Boskoop, Rubinstar, Jonagored Supra P-60 Ligol P-59 Bohemia, Golden Del Reinders, Rubin P-14[...]


[Poland]Sweet Cherry Trees

*Sweet Cherry Trees Colt Buriat, Kordia, Regina * Prunus avium Burt, Kordia, Regina Gizela Burlat, Kordia, Regina[...]


[Burkina Faso]Sesame Seed

Our Sesame Seed Suppliers ( Local Farmers) are reliable and able to supply to the highest quantity need. The Sesame are clean, and in very good condition. They are pack in 50kg bags. We exports more than 10000 to 19000 tons within the end of the season. We have the best quality and as well supply to our customers at anytime of request. COMMODITY: CROP 2015 MOISTURE: 3.49% IMPURITIES: 0.038% OLEIC ACID: 5.06 OIL CONTENT: 51.96% COLOR : WHITE FFA : 2% Max INFESTATION: none[...]


[India]Moringa Oleifera Seeds, PKM Moinga Seeds For Cultivation/ Oil

Moringa Oleifera Seeds, PKM1, Pkm2 And Other Moinga Seeds For Cultivation / Oil/ Food/ Pharma uses. PKM1 and PKM2 Moringa Seeds-guaranteed germination. Sanjeevani Herbals is a reputed exporters of Moringa products, medicinal plants and seeds. Being located in the largest Moringa cultivating zone, the company is the exporters for moringa products and medicinal seeds to the agricultural, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, for over a decade. Our MORINGA PRODUCTS: --------------------Fresh[...]


[China]Tomato Spiral

Tomato spiral: used to support Tomato plants.[...]