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[United States]Alia Magnetic Flowmeters,Flange Type.AMF900 Series

ALIAMAG AMF900 Series is a flange type Electromagnetic Flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 6 to 2000mm. The AMF900 is widely used for tap-water, waste water, food & beverage Pulp & Paper and many other applications. AMF900 Series magmeter could be used in compact or separate model with AMC Series converter of electromagnetic flowmeter FEATURES Various liner can be selected that satisfies most industrial applications. Flow Velocity range:0-12 m/s, with[...]


[China]Ultrviolet Corona Imager UVI-1

Brief Introduction UVI-1 UV imager is a novel corona discharge instrument based on photomultiplier tube (PMT) and ultraviolet technology, which has excellent functions of distance detection for corona discharge in determined region from surface of high voltage equipments and corona characteristics data analysis. It is mainly applied to detect the incipient fault and performance decreasing of high voltage polymer insulators, high voltage cable and other high voltage equipments for saving the great[...]



P series circular connectors are used extensively in line connections between electrical equipment,various instruments and meters. These connectors have the features of small volume,light weight,convenient application,high durability of plugging and unplugging,threaded coupling,good sealing performance,high conductivity and high dielectric strength.They are made according to the standard SJ/T10496.They are for military and industrial applications.Meet Russia standard. Technical characteristics Temperature Relative[...]


[Indonesia]kWh Meter Three Phase

kWh Meter 3 phase 4 wire, LCD Display, 3x230/400 Volt, 50 Hz, Class 1, Single, Double or Triple-rate, Internal Time Switch, RS485 Comm, Direct Connection 5(100) Ampere or CT Connection 5 Ampere.[...]


[Indonesia]Automatic kWh Meter Reading

Just connect the kWh Meter to Computer through RS485 than you could read the display of kWh Meter in your Computer ( No any different ! ). No need any set-up, just connected then read it ! The system is using data communication. The kWh Meter is available in Single Phase or Threee Phase Meter. Single Tariff, Double Tariff or even Tripple Tariff !.[...]


[China]Modular ground-source heat pump GSWW60

Ground source heat pumps use a buried ground loop which transfers heat from the ground into a building to provide space heating and, in some cases, to pre-heat domestic hot water. GSWW60 ☆Heating output: 60KW ☆380V/3/50Hz ☆Heating and domestic hot water; ☆Max.64 units can be connected together to get 3840KW heating capacity; Adopt with the following world famous parts: ☆ Siemens or Carel controller ☆ Hitachi scroll compressor; ☆ SWEP or GEA plate heat exchanger; ☆ Emersion[...]


[China]T48 Console

T48 ■Fully Digital Control console ■ Power supply:230v/50Hz ■48 faders manual control ■ Output: DMX512 (USITT 1990) ■4 independent Effects with 12 steps each ■12 Submaster faders, easy "one touch" recording ■ 12 faders in 4 pages ■A/B Cross fade ■ Grandmaster and blackout key are available ■Flash / Solo button available ■Non-vaporize Data can last for 10 years[...]


[China]T12 CONSOLE

T12 ■ Fully Digital Control Console ■Power supply: AC230V/50Hz ■12 channels ■ Output: DMX512 (USITT 1990) ■ A/B Cross Fade ■ Grandmaster and blackout key are available ■ Non-vaporize Data can last for 10 years[...]



T24 ■ Fully Digital Control Console ■ Power supply: AC230V/50Hz ■24 channels ■Output: DMX512 (USITT 1990) ■ 4 independent Effects with 12 steps each ■12 Submaster faders, easy "one touch" recording ■ 12 faders in 2 pages ■ A/B Cross Fade ■Grandmaster and blackout key are available ■Non-vaporize Data can last for 10 years.[...]


[China]YD Series Pole-Changing Multi-Speed Three Phase Asynchronous Electric Motor

YD series three-phase multi-speed induction motors are one of the derived series of Y series induction motors to our national unified designing, they offer distingnishing features of excellent performance, attractive appearance and detter interchangeaditity for the same kind of products abroad. The protection class is ip44. The motors are designed in three types i.e. double speed, three speed and four speed. These speed rotes can be changed in stages. The motors find wide applications in the equipments[...]