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Citibond ECONO P r o p e r t i e s Type Non-ionic. Constitution Vinyl-based dispersion. Appearance White viscous dispersion. Solubility Dispersible in water in all proportions. Compatibility Compatible with anionic and cationic Products, pH 5 - 7 (10% solution) Solid content 39 + 1 % (minimum) - Viscosity @ 30oc 40 – 60 poise (Minimum) (Rotothinner viscometer) * Cost-effective. * Non-yellowing * Excellent weight gain properties Usage[...]


[Poland]Glue for wallpapers,glass fibre,heavy textile and structural wallpaper

WALLFIX CONTRACT S (specjal) Ready-made glue for wallpapers made of glass fibre, textile wallpapers on the paper base, vinyl and structural wallpapers and wallpapers on “flizelina”. WALLFIX CONTRACT S provides professional wallpaper gluing, which powder glue cannot guarantee. It is noted for a high level of adhesion, high-yield and resistance to dampness. Packaging: 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg Efficiency: 5-6 m2/1 kg WALLFIX CONTRACT M (medium) Ready-made glue for wallpapers made of glass fibre,[...]


[China]One-component Polyurethane Sealant

One-component polyurethane sealant is a kind of sealant that is one-component and cures at room temperature. The paste state makes it be squeezed out to operation. One-component polyurethane sealant cures by absorbing the moisture in the air. And it reacts with active group in the surface to play the adhesion role. It is not saggy, so it will not flow when used in vertical joints. It can adhere on metal, rubber, wood, cement, ceramic and glass. It has two functions: sealing and waterproofing. And[...]


[China]Two-component Polyurethane Sealant

Polyurethane rubber and the prepolymer of polyurethane are the main components of polyurethane sealant. Polyurethane sealant can be divided into three kinds: heating curing polyurethane sealant, room temperature vulcanized polyurethane sealant and hot melt polyurethane sealant. And the room temperature vulcanized polyurethane sealant is divided into two kinds: one-component polyurethane and two-component polyurethane sealant. Two-component polyurethane sealant (double-component polyurethane sealant)[...]


[China]Two-component Polysulfide Sealant

Liquid polysulfide rubber as the basic material, adding tackifying resin, vulcanizing agent, accelerant and fortifier makes up the two-component polysulfide sealant (double-component polysulfide sealant). It is a kind of two-component sealant that can vulcanize and crosslink by itself at room temperature. Its appearance is exquisite and even paste or ropy liquid, so it is also called two-component polysulfide sealing paste. It is made up of A component and B component. A component is hoary even paste[...]


[China]Water-swelling Sealant

Water-swelling sealant is a kind of polyurethane variety non-stereotypes paste which is one-component and solvent-free. So it is also called one-component polyurethane water-swelling sealant. And it is used in the sealing structural joints. It has two sealing and waterproof mechanisms, which make it play a key role in waterproofing. It has the elasticity of rubber and swells encountering water to fill the joint when water enters into the joint. The unique advantages make water-swelling sealant have[...]


[China]GB Flexible Filler

The butyl rubber as the main part, adding a certain proportion polyisobutene, black and white carbon black, compound additive, vulcanizing agent, plasticizer, softener and other fillers makes GB flexible filler. Its main material is butyl rubber, and the finished production is similar to putty, so it is also named butyl rubber sealing putty or putty sealant. GB flexible filler, which is designed specially for concrete panel, rockfill dam peripheral joint and expansion joint, is the new type of waterproof[...]


[China]kraft sealing tape,kraft adhesive tape

Best packing material: packing adhesive tapes; masking tape; sealing tape; PVC electrical tape; printed packing tape; stationery tape; double sided tape, kraft sealing tape, foam tape, cloth duct tape, Aluminium foil tape, EVA stamp, protective packing material[...]


[India]Carboxymethyl Tamarind Kernel Powder (CMT or CMTKP)

Carboxymethyl Tamarind Kernel Powder (CMT or CMTKP) is an anionic water soluble polymer; it is derived from Tamarind Kernel Powder (TKP), which is made cold water soluble by a chemical reaction (Carboxymethylation). Cold water solubility is achieved by introducing carboxymethyl groups (-CH2-COOH) along the polysaccharide chain, which makes hydration of the molecule possible in cold water. CMT is modified Tamarind Kernel Powder (TKP), TKP extracted from seeds of Tamarind Tree (Tamarindus Indica).[...]


[Poland]RITE-LOK® adhesives and sealants

RITE-LOK® adhesives and sealants Anaerobic adhesives are applied in liquid form and will harden after joining and cutting off the air supply and on coming in touch with metal. If you wish to join metals, rubber, plastic or other materials with each other, cyanacrylate is the solution. However, adhesives can do more. They can also be used for elastic joints, sealing, moulding or stopping.[...]