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[United Kingdom]Freestyle lite test strip

With Freestyle Lite Test Strips, you can test anywhere with less pain and less time! No Coding Technology makes Freestyle Lite Test Strips more accurate and less confusing. The worlds smallest sample size of just 0.3 is all that is needed to get accurate blood glucose readings. Freestyle Lite Test Strips support Alternate Site Testing, so you can test from your fingertip, palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh, or calf[...]


[United Kingdom]3M Littmann Classic II SE Stethoscope

3M Littmann Classic II SE Stethoscope: Burgundy 28"[...]


[United Kingdom]GE Vscan Ultrasound scanner

Vscan is a pocket size visualization tool providing black and white anatomic and color-coded blood flow images in realtime. It can easily be integrated into physical examinations allowing physicians to add a visual inspection into the body. The images are generated based on ultrasound technology.[...]


[China]LED ring light for Microscope, AC-LED-3 Series

Product Description Feature * Long life of LED: 16,000 hours,and 40x lighting efficiency compared of fluorescengt lamp. * Color unchanged when you adjust intensity. Specification Input: AC 110V~240V, 50Hz or 60Hz, Output: DC 12V, Power 8W; 10W, Bulb Quantity: 48 or 60, Light color: white, Color temperature: TK=6500K, Light intensity adjustment: 0~100%, Intensity over 15,000lux(working distance in 80mm), Light spot sitz: 30mm Working distance: 50mm~200mm Light intensity: 13,000[...]


[Pakistan]Stainless Steel Kidney Trays

Manufactured by 100% unoxidable stainless steel sheet which is in pure form of 18/8 (304)nickel bearing stainless steel. Available in different dimensions.For more details please visit our web Make sure we are quality making supplier and belive in best quality and our products are manufactured using seamless technology and polish to mirror finish which eliminates areas that can harbor bacteria growth. In short we produced best quality with compete prices and always see to[...]


[China]LED ring light for Microscope, AC-LED-2 Series

Product Description This LED ring light is the accessories of microscope, by way of illumination for microscope Specification Input voltage: 96~260 V, AC 50Hz or 60Hz Consume power: 3.5W@36 LED bulbs or 4.6W@48 LED bulbs or 6W@60 LED bulbs, Color temperature: 6400K or Custom, LED life: Greater than 10,000 hours, Operating temperature: 0~40ºC, Light intensity adjustment: 0~100%, Ring diameter inside: ¢60mm, Adapter shell material: aluminirm or ABS plastic[...]


[China]Rotary Microtome YD-2508

YD-2508 Rotary Microtome This type of microtome is the improved machine on the basis of the YD-1508 ,according to the requirements of our customer all around the world. The disposal blade can used directly in this type ,not need disposal blade holder again. The machine have alarm system and the function of automatic defrosting 。It adopted the advance technology-Precision Roller Cross Guide and Nanometer material . Technical Data: 1) Slice thickness range: 1-25 μm 1-30 μ m 1-35 μm 2)[...]


[China]KN-2600 Endoscope Induced Abortion System

1.Visible-orientation operation, no need to dilate the uterus. 2.High-luminance cold light, an the light can be adjusted. 3.10 degree angle in front of the lens in order to be close the uterus easily. 4.High-resolution picture collection. 5.Real-time display, freeze and compare the pictures, case management. 6.Integrating optics, mechanism and electron. 7.Can print many formats of reports according to the clinical demand. It is integrated with light, machine and electronics. It is mainly[...]


[China]KN-2200 Colposcope Digital Imaging System

The KN-2200 colposcope digital imaging system is up-to-minute product, combining digital imaging technology and computer technology and applied to gynecological examinations. It can freeze, capture, magnify, store, pathologically analyze and print the images observed on the screens. Its high-quality cold light source and high-power magnified images enable the doctor to find very insignificant niduses on the large-screen monitor, which can help to improve accuracy in diagnosing some metabases including[...]


[China]KN-2200 Optic and Electronic Colposcope

1. This system has 5-level multiplied focus, strong 3-D, clear layer, broad view and clear picture. 2. Optic lens is equipped with measuring ruler, and can correctly measure the organ size. 3. Integrative design with double light source and fiber transmitting system, brightness can be adjusted. 4. Equipped with green filter, easily for checking capillary vessel in illness organization. 5. Flexible convenient bracket can be locked, without obstacle design, can adjust in any angle. 6. High-definition[...]