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[China]Bis protected imipenem

Molecular Formula: C27H27N5O10S MW: 613.61 CAS No: [98367-45-4] Appearance:white or light yellow power Moisture:≤0.5% Assay: ≥94%(HPLC) Container:20kg/bucket Reposition:0~20℃[...]


[China]Mannitol (BP98/CP2005/USP26)

We supply mannitol bp98 of large quantity. Best price and service. Below is the specification. Testing result Characteristics: White crystal powder Melting point: 167-168 C Acidity or alkalinity: Qualified Clarity and colour of solution: Qualified Specific optical rotation: +230 Lead: < 0.5ppm Nickel: <1ppm Chloride: <0.0050% Sulphate: <0.0100% Reducing sugars: Qualified Sorbitol: Qulified Loss on drying: 0.1% Sulphated ash: 0.03% Content: 99.6% Bacteria[...]


[China]Benzocaine (BP2002, USP29)

Appearance: White crystalline powder Identifucation: Conforms Assay: 99.0%-101.0% Acidity: Conforms Melting point: 89-92 centigrade degree Clarification: Conforms Chloride: Conforms Loss on drying: 0.5%max Readily carbonizable substance: Conforms Residue on ignition: 0.1%max Ordinary impurities: Total impurities: 1.0%max Heavy metals: 10ppm max Quality standard: BP2002/USP29 Packing: 5; 10; 25kg in cardboard drum or carton box[...]


[China]Aloe extract(100x,200x,aloin)

We can supply: 1.100x,200x spray/freeze--dried aloe vera powder,widely used in pharmaceutics,healthcare,cosmetics and food industry. 2.Aloin(barbaloin)--over 18%,widely used in pharmaceutics and healthcare. More details,samples and customization also available[...]


[China]Procaine(BP2000, USP28)

Product name: Procaine CAS No.: 59-46-1 Chemical name: 4-aminbenzoic acid-2(diethylanimo)ethyl ester Chemical Formula: C13H20N2O2. HCL Molecular weight: 272.77 Description: White crystals or white crystaline powder, odourless, taste slight bitter and then turn to a benumbing sensation. Freely soluble in water, slight souble in ethanol and chlorefrom, almost insoluble in ethylether. Standard:BP2000; USP 28[...]


[China]Lidocaine HCL/Base (USP 29, BP2002 )

Lidocaine (pharmaceutical grade) Synonym: Lidocaine Base; Lignocaine; 2-diethylaminoacet-2, 6-xylidide; Lidocaine hcl CAS No.: 137-58-6 Molecular formula: C14H22N2O Molecular weight: 234.34 Appearance: White crystalline powder Solubility: Soluble in water Purity: ≥99% Standard: USP 29, BP2002 Usage: The local anesthetic, the anti-arrythmia medicine, uses in each anaesthesia and the rapid room arrhythmia. We are professional manufacture of Lidocaine raw material in China.[...]


[China]Hydroxylimine HCL

CAS#: 90717-16-1 Chemical name: 1-Hydroxycycloamyl-(o-Chlorophenyl)-N-Methylimine Hydrochloride Solubility: Easy dissolve in water Melt point: 158.0~163.0 PH: 4.5~5.5 Loss on drying: 5.0% max. Appearance: Milk-white crystalline powder Assay: 99%min. Standard: Enterprise standard Usage: Raw material for ketamine Packing: 25Kgs/cardboard drum If you need them, pls contact with me freely. Your any serious and urgent inquiry will be highly respected by us.[...]


[China]sell Dexmedetomidine Hcl and Intermediates

Product Dexmedetomidine Hcl and Intermediates CAS NO 145108-58-3 Standard BP,CP,USP Molecular Formula C13H17ClN2 Molecular Weight 236.74048 Description white crystal or crystalline powder Package 25KG/drums Application tranquilizer,analgetic[...]


[China]Prilocaine and Intermediates

Product Prilocaine and Intermediates CAS NO 721-50-6 Standard BP,CP,USP Molecular Formula C13H20N2O Molecular Weight 220.31 Description white crystal or crystalline powder Package 25KG/drums Application Surgery local anesthesia[...]


[China]Diisopropylammonium dichloroacetate

Product Diisopropylammonium dichloroacetate and Intermediates CAS NO 660-27-5 Standard Enterprise Standard Molecular Formula C6H15N.C2H2Cl2O2 Molecular Weight 230.13 Description off-White or white crystal or crystalline powder Package 25KG/drums Application[...]