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THREAD SHOW-CASES SEWING THREADS This is a great way of displaying TALIA threads in shops. The dimensions of the case are: 64 x 20 x 120 cm. It consists of 198 thread colours of TALIA 120 on 200m-long thread packing, with the space for 10 items of a given colour.[...]

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[Poland]Decorative threads for needlework

Decorative threads for needlework Stranded cotton is available in 8-metre strips. At present, the range of colours consists of 210 colours, as shown in the stranded cotton colours catalogue. Shops and wholesale outlets are offered the best form of display - a special hanger measuring: 58 x 30 x 117.5 cm, which consists of 210 colours, 8 or 12 strips of each colour. Stranded cotton is used for various types of embroidery and needlework.[...]

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[Poland]Embroidery floss Kaja

KAJA 50 tex x 3, 30g, 200m Our embroidery floss KAJA is designed for all kinds of needlework. It has the qualities to match your expectations: * it is made of mercerized cotton of the highest quality, * thanks to which the KAJA floss seam is smooth and even, * 30g (200 m ) – productive and cost-effective ball, * thickness 50 tex x 3 is perfectly suited to making serviettes, * all types of lace and also clothes, such as shirts, waistcoats etc. * wide range of[...]

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[Poland]Cord type threads - Koral

KORAL 1000 dtex x 3, 250g, 790m Cord type threads are made of highest quality polyester fibre. They are available in 15 attractive colours. Our multicoloured cord will enable you to conjure up wonderful shirts, hats, purses and many other items of clothing. We invite you to test our KORAL threads. Let them inspire you to make serviettes, lace, net curtains and various women’s clothes. The unique results of your work can be achieved exclusively with the use of our KORAL threads. Check[...]

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[Poland]Kordonek 76 tex x 2

KORDONEK 76 tex x 2, 10g 100% cotton This is designed to make all types of manual embroidery, serviettes, decorations, crochet, decorative seams, and for the manual making of net curtains. KORDONEK is available in 55 colours, 10 balls per package.[...]

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[Poland]Kordonek 30 tex x 6

KORDONEK 30 tex x 6, 100g, 525m These threads are exclusively designed for you... they are made of the highest quality mercerized cotton 100g - a large, productive ball guarantees effective use of this thread the thread smoothly grasps the crochet hook, which makes needlework pleasant and easy, available in the most sought after colours Our embroidery floss will enable you to make all types of lace and other needlework. KORDONEK 30 tex x 6 is an exceptional thread which makes[...]

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[China]Sell Dope Dyed Polyester Yarn

Our company is a professional polyester yarn manufacturer who specialized in manufacturing polyester FDY (full draw yarn), DTY (draw textured yarn), POY (partially oriented yarn) and Embroidery Thread. Our main products: DTY: 75D/36F, 100D/36F, 150D/48F, 200D/96F, 300D/96F, 450D/144F, 600D/192F FDY: 150D/48F, 300D/96F, 450D/96F, 600D/192F POY: 125D/36F, 165D/36F, 250D/48F, 330D/96F, 500D/96F, 750D/144F Polyester Embroidery Thread: 150D/2, 150D/3, 300D/2, 300D/3[...]


[Turkey]VSF ( Viskose Staple Fiber ) Offer !

Dear Business Friends, We are leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Investment Trading Group serving to 18 different business sectors located in Hangzhou, China. Hereby pleased to offer VISKOSE STAPLE FIBER , VSF 1,2D / 1,5D X 32 mm / 38 mm . Please inform me your quantity and delivery port so I can offer my best competitive price, approved quality and immediate shipment details. I look forward to receive your inquiry to cooperate. Thanks and Regards, Haldan Sumer[...]



offering cb, crm, crt jute yarn at a very competitive price and prompt delivery. pls contact us for more details.[...]


[Taiwan]Nylon Dyed Filament Yarn

BeYarns can offer nylon textured yarn with various filaments counts and luster. We are also offer multi-ply yarn (2-ply ~ 8-ply) or Nylon 66 Yarn, Nylon Yarn Solution Dyed, Nylon Yarn Optical White, Functional Yarn, Micro Fiber, and more to create the life of fabric. BeYarns, Nylon, includes 15 deniers to 400 deniers. And they are good applicable to Raschel knitting fabric, weaving fabric, circular knitting fabric, spandex covering yarn, pantyhose and narrow fabric. We use good material and[...]